Mistakes to Avoid When Resigning from a HOA Board

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A volunteer board member has a right to resign from the board if they feel overwhelmed by the work, or are just not available anymore. They could also be moving from the HOA community they are in or their family obligations have become overpowering. As much as this is the case, it does not warrant an inconsiderable exit where the HOA community board will be left in confusion or pending work takes the whole community back. These are common mistakes a board member can avoid when seeking to resign and leave a board association at a point of continuity without raising conflicts.


Resigning without informing the board is one common mistake that HOA volunteer board members love to do. It is not professional when board members get to hear from rumors or through other neighbors that you plan to resign. Writing an official communication not only to the board but also community members is a professional way of letting everyone anticipate of your exit.


If there are projects where one still has liability, it is advisable to ensure everything has been taken care of before leaving. A HOA board member may be leaving abruptly, but ensuring there is smooth continuity by handing over to the right persons gives the impression that they still care about their community. The contract signed could still be binding one as an individual and it's important to not leave traces of failure behind.


Another thing that a resigning HOA board member should avoid is letting emotions get the better part of them when making a decision to exit. If there is any misunderstanding or protest in board decision-making, being inside other than outside allows changing of laws easily. If the decision is final, making an exit that causes stress or tension in the community will reduce trust and leave room for conflict.


Other board members remaining behind should be keen to check what caused one of them to resign and correct it before it gets out of hand. This allows community members to remain in full trust of the capabilities of the board performing.



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Good points...hopefully they have a solid management company that can hold it all together.

Aug 31, 2016 07:34 PM