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MA Home Inspectors ListThe Massachusetts Board of Registration of Home Inspectors is now on elicensing.  This eliminates the "old" list of licensed MA Home Inspectors.  Yes, this means that there is a new link or URL to obtain a list of MA Home Inspectors.

Does your website or Blog reference a link to the list of MA Home Inspectors?  If so, then you may want to update your web pages before the old link redirect expires.

Remember the MA Board of Registration of Home Inspectors provides a web page titled "Information for Real Estate Agents about Home Inspector Licensure".  This web page has been updated with the ePlace link.

New list of MA Home InspectorsThe "old" list format and the "new" list format kind of makes me wonder how the "new" list format benefits the consumer?

New "benefits" ?

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The old list format is no longer available from the MA Board of Registration of Home Inspectors.  Below is a historical snapshot for a trip down memory lane.

Old list of MA home inspectors


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