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A few weeks ago I received a call from a writer for the New York Times regarding one of my listings.  They do a column called "What You Get For..."  and feature properties all over the country.  As a Realtor, I have always enjoyed that column, and find it endlessly fascinating what your real estate dollar will buy in other markets.   So, I was excited and delighted when I found out that they wanted to feature one of my listings in the column. 


Because this offer came so out of the blue, I was hesitant to tell too many people about it until it was a done deal.  I had all these scary scenarios playing in my I would wake up and find it was a dream or a cruel prank.  So I played it close to the vest.    My seller is extremely gregarious, so convincing her not to tell every person she met, proved to be a bit of a challenge.  She was, understandbly, excited and wanted to share the news with everyone in the world.  I told her that as soon as it was published, she could tell everyone, and I would too. 


So, it is with great delight and excitement that I present to the world - or at least to the community that makes it Rain - the article that was published in the New York Times:  What You Get, by Mike Powell and featuring my listing in Hailey, Idaho.


I think it is super cool and I hope you do too!

And please remember if any of your clients are thinking of making a move to Sun Valley, Ketchum, or Hailey, Idaho, I LOVE referrals! 

Tara Mallane-Mann

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