Dealing only with the Listing Agent in hopes of getting a better deal?

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Dealing only with the Listing Agent in hopes of getting a better deal?


Not a good strategy.  Why? Because if the listing agent is getting the whole 6%, they’ll actually work harder to make you pay the highest price for their Seller in effort to justify such an massive equity grab!


Dealing only with the Listing Agent and asking them to lower the price 3% they would have had to share with a Buyer’s Agent?


This causes the Listing Agent to catch an immediate attitude! Yes, you can possibly fight with them over the 3%, but you take your eye off the much bigger prize and that’s getting the home for much less by using a Buyer’s Agent!  A lower price on the home that using your own Buyer’s Agent could Dwarf the smaller amount obtained fighting with the Listing agent.


The Listing Agent/Seller’s Agent is just that, the Seller’s Agent. They watch out for the Seller’s interests in the purchase. For a buyer to believe they can get a better overall price by dealing directly with the Seller’s Agent is misconception. Also, what when issues arise after they have your deposit?   It’s then the Seller, the Seller’s Agent and the Seller’s Title Agent ALL against the buyer! That’s a pretty strong Trifecta / team to battle should any issues arise!



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