Cedar Rapids Real Estate is Alive and Well While Service is DOA!

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Cedar Rapids real estate forecast has never been better.  I've spoken with a few brokerages this past week, and they say the same thing.  "Business is booming."  In fact, some go as far to say that we are setting record months for sales.

Traditions Real Estate is no different in that with our flexible commission plan, our dedication to SERVICE FIRST, and our attention to the little details, our business has been blessed with record sales as well.

If you're a buyer, there is plenty of inventory to choose from and all price ranges and locations are fully stocked and ready for your perusal. 

If you're a seller, you are starting to compete with a lot more inventory so make sure of two things!

  1. Your home is priced right. 
  2. Your home has that WOW factor on the inside as well as on the outside.

While Cedar Rapids real estate is alive and kicking, it appears from one source (myself) that SERVICE is sorely missing from our fellow Realtors in town.  How do I know this?  Observe the comments I've received from clients that I received after hearing there horror stories about other Realtors.

  • This Realtor wouldn't drive on the other side of town to show me a house because it was a waste of gas.
  • A Realtor I worked with wouldn't show me houses unless I was prequalified and ready to go with a lender.
  • I was told by another Realtor that he would not show me acreages because they were a nightmare and a waste of his time.
  • I was working with this Realtor but everytime I called her, she didn't call me back for at least a week.
  • I was told by this Realtor that she doesn't do Open Houses because they don't sell houses

These are just a few of the comments I've received from disgruntled clients that are now working with me.  Why are they working with Christopher Smith of Traditions Real Estate?

  1. I haven't forgotten that I work FOR the clients and they don't work for ME.
  2. I live by the Get by Giving philosophy.
  3. I understand that to earn trust and receive a client for LIFE, all I have to do is provide WORLD CLASS SERVICE to them and they are mine for ever!
  4. I too understand that Open Houses don't sell houses, yet I do them anyway to appease and promote good spirits between my sellers and I.
  5. There are lots of different types of properties out there.  We would all love to sell the 300K houses with no problems and brand new furnaces, A/C, and roof so there are no contingencies to the sale of the house.  Problem is, that's not reality.  There are fixer uppers, lower income properties, distressed properties, near foreclosure properties, acreages, and other properties that require WORLD CLASS SERVICE and ATTENTION.  Those that follow through with this SERVICE are GOLDEN to their clients.
  6. We all know as Realtors that gas is six billion dollars a gallon, but if you can't drive across town to service a client, get out of the business and stop wasting your money.
  7. COMMUNICATION is a HALLMARK of being a REALTOR.  If you don't have the decency to communicate with your clients either by email, phone, snail mail, etc., once again, hang up your R pin and let someone else do the job that's motivated and honored to represent the profession.

I sense a trend or maybe an ebb and flow of laziness among out real estate agents out there.  I know we're coming off of a cold, harsh winter, but spring is here and the market is outstanding.  My prediction for Cedar Rapids real estate agents is this:  THOSE WHO DO NOT PROVIDE WORLD CLASS SERVICE, GO ABOVE AND BEYOND THE TRANSACTION, AND COMMUNICATE ON A WIDE SPECTRUM WITH THEIR CLIENTS WILL LOSE 50-70% OF THEIR BUSINESS.

It's all about SERVICE and this is why my slogan is: Success in real estate at the SERVICE of others.  You see, it's not about me and it never has been about me.  My head is way too big to fit on most billboards in town so I don't need to show the public who I am.  I just need to show each individual client I come in contact with that I am there for them to provide service, answer questions, educate and inform, so that they can make one of the most important decisions in their life: whether or not to buy or sell Cedar Rapids real estate.

Here's to an outstanding year for all Realtors in the area who SERVE, rather than drop the ball!

Christopher Smith

Traditions Real Estate




Licensed Realtor in the state of Iowa

Success in real estate at the SERVICE of others

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Michael Fowler
Fowler Realty Quad Cities - Davenport, IA
Broker, Owner Fowler Realty

Great blog.  Lots of information.  Homes will sell as long as the price is right.

Mar 01, 2009 10:13 AM
Dan Statlander

Thanks for your work on the site it is fantastic very informative.God bless you all.



Dan Statlander

(Real estate experts in Boca Raton Florida)


Aug 07, 2011 11:13 PM