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Roller & Solar Shades For Your Home

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A long time trend in the world of window treatments are roller and solar shades. They are common in residential and commercial places throughout San Diego. For those desiring clean and sleek lines, these types of shades are for you! 


Before purchasing them, it's ideal to determine how to best incorporate it into your home's interior. That is why we will provide a characteristic breakdown of these shades in this blog. 

First of all, let's familiarize with the openness factor of solar shades. This openness factor correlates with weave tightness along with the percentage of shade that is provided (options: 3%, 5%, 10%). Therefore as a rule of thumb, a higher openness factor means a looser weave allowing more light in. For instance, a shade with an openness factor of 5% allows less light into the room but obstructs the view more than a shade that has a 10% openness factor. 


Among solar shades, there are various options to help control the amount of light that is let in while offering varying privacy modes. Blackout solar shades provide the best view of your TV while retaining more heat. However, white shades insulate heat less with maximum visibility. A perfect solution if you want a bit of both are shades that feature a metallic liner to blockboth heat and glare. 



Roller Shades

This type of window shades have certainly improved a lot since their initial rise decades ago featuring only the stiff fabric options available. In recent times, the conventional roller shades now come in a vast range of textures, colors, patterns, and styles that can be customized for any home's interior. Since this shade's style is so compact, it allows easier blending of this window treatment to minimize window space of any room. Also, roller shades have alternative trim designs so you can better tailor the bottom edge. They can also be altered to match your home decor if you desire specific designs. 


Roller shades are also available with room darkening and light filtering options while offering more privacy than typical solar shades. Typically, there is a certain halo that peeks around the edge of the shade. They are easy to eliminate with these solutions: a track system running along the outside of the shade to block out light, drapery side panels, or a mount on the outside to overlap the sill. 


To better utilize these shades, there are different control systems available. From manual to cord free lift for opening and closing the shades, we also offer a nickel or poly bead chain that can be customized to match your room's colors and decor. Motorization options are also available with as little as 15 inches to as high as 40 feet wide! These options include standard shades that are bracketed without fascia or the shades can roll up to a cassette that is covered by fabric, a wooden cornice box, or a decorative trim for a seamless and complete window treatment. 



Feel free to contact us or our window covering consultants at 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings to find the best option for you. 






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