Homes for Sale in New Smyrna Beach- Beachside

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Homes for Sale in the New Smyrna Beach, Florida - Beachside Neighborhoods

Why Do People Live here?

Being a 2nd Generation NATIVE New Smyrna Beach REALTOR,  we can help you identify your New Smyrna Beach Lifestyle.  If you are looking for a laid back seaside retreat community with loads of unique boutiquHome in Deer Creek Run Subdivisiones, family operated businesses, fresh restaurants, family oriented, slow paced, the smell of the sea, the ocean and intracoastal waterway only 1/4 mile apart, and a quality lifestyle; look no futher.  Not sure what part of the beach or river you want to live?  We will break down the 4 different unique lifestyles on the beachside for you. 

Looking for a home in New Smyrna Beach?

Interested in finding homes for sale in New Smyrna Beach Florida Click that link to find all the currently available homes in all of New Smyrna Beach?

What's the Neighborhood Like?

The Beachside of New Smyrna Beach is a Peninsula.  I laugh out loud when I hear transplants refer to New Smyrna Beach as an island.  We are not an island.  We are surrounded by water on 3 sides.  Our beachside community consist of the area to the East of the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway) to the Atlantic Ocean.  It is broken down to 4 areas.  Again, transplants will probably tell you 3 areas.  The 4 areas are 1. North Beach ( from the north end of NSB to Flagler Ave) View all homes and condos for sale in New Smyrna Beach North Beach area 2. Central Beach (located between Flagler Ave and 3rd Ave) View all homes and condos for sale in New Smyrna Beach in Central Beach 3. Numbered Streets ( From 3rd Ave to 27th Ave) View all homes and condos for sale in New Smyrna Beach in the Numbered Streets area and 4. South Beach or Bethune Beach ( from 27th Ave to Canaveral National Seashore). View all homes and condos for sale in New Smyrna Beach South Beach

I will blog in detail on the 4 areas in an upcoming blog.

What's Going on the Beachside of New Smyrna Beach?

Flagler Ave is the heartbeat of beachside.  The HUB of activity.  There are restaurants, boutiques, surf shops, coffee shops, art shops, ice cream shop, jewerly shops, pottery shops and so much more.   There is a major hospital less than 5 miles from Flagler Ave as well as just about every kind of conceivable shopping in walking distance.  In the evenings you will want to take a stroll down to enjoy dinner at That's AMore, Clancy, Cafe Verdy, Atlantis Bistro, Asian Fusion, 3rd Wave, Salty Dunes or relax at Sasaki Sushi, a great neighborhood Sushi Bar.  Toni and Joes directly on the ocean is always a Sunday afternoon favorite of mine.  Don't forget Breaker; their fame to claim is the Best Burger in Town.  Find out about every that is nearby in New Smyrna Beach including places of worship, banking, shopping, Attractions and recreation and much more on my website.  Want to keep updated on upcoming events?

What Schools will the Kids Attend?

If you buy a home for sale on the Beachside of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, the local school serving this area is Coronado Beach Elementary.  There is no Middle or High School located on the beachside.  To get local information about this school check out the Coronado Beach Elementary.

Now You Really Want to Find a Home Here, Right?

If you are interested in the current homes for sale in New Smyrna Beach click on the link. Our 'for sale' property information is a direct feed from the Northwest MLS and is updated multiple times per day.



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