Hendersonville Pizza Anyone?

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Hendersonville Pizza Anyone?

Hendersonville Pizza Review

I have to say that I really love Pizza, and for anyone who does, we are lucky in Hendersonville to have unlimited choices here. When I work with an out of town buyer and they ask where they should go for a good pizza, I have to say it really is hard to pick just one place. So here is  a breakdown for anyone who comes to town and wants that question aswered.


OK, maybe becasue they are new and fabulous, and I just had dinner there this week, I think of them first. They have original Detroit Style Pizza, thick and chewy and covered in toppings of your choice. Here is how they descibe it on their style of pizza:

  • Square shape
  • Steel pans used
  • The steel pan provides superior heat conductivity and caramelization on the crust (the mark of the great Detroit-style pizza).
  • Thick crust – light and airy inside, crispy outside.
  • Cheese is spread to the edges of the pan.
  • As the pizza bakes the cheese slowly melts down the sides and forms a delicious, caramelized rim of crust.
  • After the cheese, any additional toppings can be placed on top
  • Last is the sauce – placed on top. This is why it’s earned the nicknames “red top pizza” and “upside down pizza.” Placing the sauce on top allows for a fluffier crust.

The Detroiter is the one to get, especially if you love pepperoni. They also have a great veggie variety. Not only that but they also just became my new favorite place for wings. FABULOUS!

Located at 1972 Haywood Road in Hendersonville

Two Guys Pizza and Ribs

Here is a place where everything is great, but the pizza is the reason to come by. Real chewy thick edges filled with lots of whatever toppings you pick and plenty of everything. Lots of choices for meatlovers or veggie lovers. And they too have the best wings in town! Oh, the choices.

Best of all is owner Mel! Be sure and meet her. You will get a great big hug from her.

They are located at 121 West Barnwell on the corner of Barnwell and Church Street.


This is a true Italian experience with great food. I would say they have one of the most popular pizza lovers crowds. They too have a great variety and you can dine in, dine on the deck or do take out. 

Located just north of Downtown, they are at 1508 Asheville Highway.

Mona Lisa's

This is as Italian as you get. A small nook tucked off the road, you really have to know it is there. They have beautiful pizza's that are rich and full of flavor, nice and gooey. And they too have a nice variety. 

You can locate them at 785 N. Church Street, hidden behind the nail salon. Find them by turning right onto Bearcat from Church, and then an immediate left into their parking lot. 

West First

Owned by Flat Rock Bakery, they have taken their artisian breads to a new level and their whole wheat thin crust pizzas are also fantastic. Any choice is a pizza made in heaven. They have a wonderful outdoor deck to enjoy meals in the summer. 

You can find them at 101 First Avenue West just across from the old Courthouse.

Flat Rock Wood Room

This is perhaps the most unique pizza place. A beautiful atmosphere, a large open deck for summer meals and the only place with a true Italian pizza. Having visited Rome years ago, I know this to be true. They have a true wood fired pizza oven that is huge and gets a real workout. They also have won ribbons for their Bar-B-Que so don't forget to try that as well. 

Located at 1501 Greenville Highway, right between Downtown Hendersonville and the Village of Flat Rock. 

Metzzaluna Brick Oven Tap House

They too have a great thin crust pizza. And a really nice variety of toppings. Sit in a beautiful dining room and see the mosaic brick oven for pizza, or enjoy a warm day in their sidewalk cafe with your four legged friends. 

You can find them at 226 North Main Street.

The majority of these eateries also have great beers from our many local crafters, as well as wine and other drinks. 

If you are looking for the best in town, well that is for you to find out. Make the rounds and let me know which one you like best. For me, the variety and the quality make it hard to pick just one. I like to try a different one each time, and rotate from favorite to favorite. Variety is the spice of life, and here we have plenty of variety!

Happy Pizza Tasting!

Hendersonville Pizza Anyone?

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Bob Crane
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Yum, what a tasty post this is, Jerri.  It's great to have the insight from people who are familiar with the pizza in the area. 

Sep 16, 2016 04:42 PM
Jerri McCombs, Broker/Owner
Dogwood Real Estate Services - Hendersonville, NC
Hendersonville Living

It is a question I get asked so many times I just had to write and article! We are lucky to have so many fantastic choices!

Sep 19, 2016 02:28 AM