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I provide professional commercial tenant representation services to businesses looking to grow locally or move into the Colorado Springs from elsewhere. I particularly love finding commercial space in Colorado Springs for entrepreneurs who are starting new businesses.

The advantage of a tenant rep who knows Colorado Springs

I know the community intimately, which gives my clients an advantage. Having grown up here and then writing about commercial real estate and development for the Colorado Springs Business Journal, I am more aware than the average broker about what’s happening, what plans are afoot for new development, who owns properties and how particular owners and external factors can impact long-term viability for particular properties.

I use the depth of my community knowledge and connections along with cutting edge demographics tools to help my clients identify the best retail, industrial and office locations for their businesses.

Office, retail and industrial tenant rep

I do not specialize in a particular property type because I specialize in Colorado Springs. My goal is to make our city stronger by helping local businesses grow and advance here where I live. I work with tenants to find space in all property categories, sizes (even single offices) and classes.

Negotiating the best lease terms for the tenant

The number on the sign outside of a building rings to the landlord’s rep. Some of those reps will work to get an equitable deal for both tenant and landlord. There are a lot of great brokers in town who are extremely fair. But, at the end of the day, they still work for the landlord and their first priorities are to get the best terms possible for their clients.

Hiring a tenant rep doesn’t cost you anything. The landlord still pays my commission. But I will use my knowledge, expertise and research tools to negotiate the best possible terms for my clients. I know what market rates are in different areas of town and property types. I pay attention to what’s happening behind the scenes – new ownership trying to fill an empty building, a long-vacant property being positioned for a sale, a landlord who can afford to patiently wait out vacancies – and I use my knowledge to make aggressive proposals that I know can still work for the landlords.

Having a tenant rep on your side can save you monstrous amounts of money and frustration over the years of your commercial lease.

Finding commercial properties in Colorado Springs

When you want to buy or rent a house, you know where to search. There are tons of services. Commercial properties are much harder to find on your own. I have access to several online search tools that are subscription based and available only to commercial brokers. Those databases allow me to uncover properties you would have never known about on your own. Many don’t have signs in front and aren’t advertised on any public-facing websites.

Beyond my database access, I am linked to the other commercial brokers in town. I have relationships with nearly all of the active brokers in Colorado Springs. Those I didn’t already know from my time as a reporter, I have met in the field. I know who works with which types of properties and often have a good sense of their listing inventories. I am also a member of the Southern Colorado Commercial Brokers, which gives me access to a handy email address I can use to ask our local brokerage community for listings that might not yet be public, but that might be exactly what my clients need.

Beyond finding space and negotiating terms

Because my focus is on building our local business community, I don’t just help my clients find and secure good locations. I help them access resources that can advance their businesses. From connecting clients with local media where they can tell their exciting growth stories to linking them up with the Small Business Development Center for start-up advise, I see myself as a guide and connection point for new and growing businesses in our city.

Please feel free to call or email with questions about tenant representation or just about growing your business in Colorado Springs.

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