What's My Garden Club Estates Home Worth? May 2016

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What's My Garden Club Estates Home Worth? May 2016

  • What's My Garden Club Estates Home Worth? May 2016Properties active on the market: 3
  • Single-family properties closed in May: 2
  • Average sales price: $605,000
  • Average list price: $609,513
  • Sales price to list price ratio: 99.3%
  • Average days on the market: 30
  • Garden Club Estates absorption rate: 1.5 months of inventory (a normal or steady market would be 5-7 months; anything under 5 months of inventory is considered a seller's market, above 7 months is considered a buyer's market).

Garden Club Estates is experiencing an extreme seller's market. The sales price to list price ratio is excellent and the average days on the market are low. With less than two months of inventory available, this is an excellent time to list your Garden Club Estates home.

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What's My Garden Club Estates Home Worth? May 2016

A recent National Association of REALTORS® survey revealed that 92% of buyers begin their home search on the internet. Properties heavily marketed here have a greater opportunity to be found by home buyers. This goes way beyond just syndicating your home from the MLS to portal websites.

Because so many buyers are beginning their search online, photography has become an important marketing tool in selling Garden Club Estates home. The best way to showcase your home is through the use of professional photography. While the majority of Garden Club Estates listing agents will use professional photography, what they do with these photos is equally as important.

The internet has become the first showing. Your home is marketed here 24/7/365. You want your listing photos to be better than your competitions. You also want to make sure you hire an agent who knows how to use these listing photos to get your home sold. This goes way beyond creating a fancy brochure that sits in your home until buyers view it. Marketing today must be proactive, not passive.

We blast photos of your home all over the internet; using the newest technology to get the word out about your Garden Club Estates listing. This includes the use of social media and blogging, something not many agents in the Franklin housing market are doing.

Franklin Homes Realty LLC creates a single-property website. This site is used in all our social media and blogging venues. It is optimized to be found in the search What's My Garden Club Estates Home Worth? May 2016engines. For example, this single-property website created for 403 Letitia Drive can still be found in the search engines.

Go ahead, Google 403 Letitia Drive, Franklin, you'll see it's still on page one of Google even though that house sold last year.

We began promoting 403 Letitia Drive before it was even listed in the MLS. It sold in just 16 days for 100.6% of list price. That's the type of marketing you want for your Garden Club Estates home.

Given recent changes to the way our MLS sends out listing information to portal websites, it's important to have an agent who really understands how to aggressively market your home on the internet. Not all agents are created equal. You will find some agents have no internet presence at all. These agents hope their listings will be sold to local buyers. We give our sellers the opportunity to be found by a global market; buyers relocating to the Franklin area.

Buyers are searching for key features that your home may have. Unfortunately, the multiple listing service (MLS) has a limited amount of space to promote your property. It's hard to convey all the features your home has with 250 characters. That's right, 250 letters. That's not much longer than a tweet.

Blogging about your Garden Club Estates home's features brings that information directly to buyers in search of a home just like yours; no matter where they are in the country. Many out-of-state buyers find us from our internet content about our listings and the Franklin area in general.

Not convinced Franklin Homes Realty LLC leads the pack in internet dominance for Franklin? Let me Google that for you. As you can see from the results, our website ranks in several places on the first page of Google. We are the only local real estate company to do that. The rest of the spots are taken by portal websites and national brokerages.

This placement isn't due to ads. The only way to rank in these spots is being recognized as an authority by Google in Franklin TN real estate. That is a very difficult thing to do for any brokerage, let alone, an independent brokerage like Franklin Homes Realty LLC.

What's My Garden Club Estates Home Worth? May 2016Curious how we do this? When you get ready to sell your Garden Club Estates home, contact Tammie White of Franklin Homes Realty LLC at (615) 495-0752. I'd be happy to share how we can do this for you.

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