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Loss Mitigation Shortsale Institiute is seeing a great need for Loan Modifications recenty. There are so many homeowners in ajustable rates that  are looking for our help. Most of these homeowners are not in trouble yet but they know they will be when thier payment adjusts.  Most are still working and can afford the payment they have but will not be able to afford a higher payment.  Some lenders have set up new departments just for loan modifications. Doing Loan Modifications is a lot less work than a Shortsale. Most states you can charge upfront for the service. We find it's a great way to make money while you are waiting for your realestate deals to settle. If for some reason the lender doesn't deal with them they get a refund! It's a win win for everyone.  Thank you  Jeanne

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Craig Cooper
Diverse-Capital, Inc - Saint Paul, MN


Great post you are 1000% correct most in the RE industry don't know much about Loss Mitigation it good that their are some quailty companies out here helping and becoming part of the solution. Thanks for the post. the main focus is the homeowners helping save their #1 asset.

Craig Cooper

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May 07, 2008 01:00 PM