The Often Forgotten Nucleus of Building a Sound Business and Profitable Business

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If you don't know what to do, continue prospecting.  Individuals who depend on making sales a profession or soliciting clients to derive their income thereof need a continual pipeline of prospects that know of you, aware of your products or services and have a wanting for the solution you provide.

Based on the economic climate, sales can be up and down.  Without a proven system of prospecting you will more often than not experience slumps and declines in your income which may challenge your desire to remain self-employed.

You can never become too successful that you no longer need to market your business or yourself. You might become successful enough that you can afford to pay others to market on your behalf. 

If it is important to avoid having occasions where you experience more month than money, establish a prospecting system that challenge you and operate in such a manner to keep new business in your pipeline at all times.

It requires too much work and effort to continually go from ZERO to Hero month after month.

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