Real Estate Market Update for Washougal, WA

Real Estate Market Update for Washougal, WA, As a professional real estate agent with Ken's Home Team llc,  I want to know and what to share whats going on in the real estate market, it has been a great year for Washougal WA, home values are up from the average list price of  $343,190 in September 2015 to $406,052 at the end of  August 2016.  This is great news that means the average home was listed for $62,862 more in just 12 months in Camas WA.  There has been over $166,266,652 in total home sales.  The number of avergae days a home is on the market is up (homes are taking longer to sell) in September 2015 it was 56 days on Market and we are now down to 49 days, meaning homes are selling slower.  We do have more homes for sale right now than we have had in over 5 months.
The market is strong now, however we do not kow whats going to happen after the New Year.  They keep saying Interest rates will go up, the question is WHEN?

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