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I Brought the Buyer in NW Albuquerque's Ventana Ranch

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I brought the buyer to a great home in NW Albuquerque's Ventana Ranch!

I love to list NW Albuquerque homes for sale, but I also love to show them to home buyers. I love helping them find the best homes, or the best deals, and sometimes both - depending on exactly what they're looking for.

That's why I knew that 9700 Canelo Ct NW was the right home for my buyer clients! 

I've said this many times - a great house starts with a great lot. This house has a great lot. It also has a three car garage (that's pretty rare in Ventana Ranch), radiant floor heating, extended tile areas and an extra large living room.

Ventana Ranch Home for Sale

Sorry if the photo isn't great, this wasn't my listing! 

Here's the story on this one. Buyer's came to town determined to buy a new construction home from the largest home builder in town. They already knew the model, the elevation and the cost of the home they wanted.

However - and this is a huge however - when we went to the new home sales center and we finished adding up all the costs of the upgrades that were necessary to make the home feel special, they realized that home was no longer in their price range! The price had gone up $50,000!!!

They were heart broken.

We decided to look at resale homes instead, and we got lucky! One of the first homes we saw was almost perfect! So we made an offer. List price wasn't good enough for the seller, however, and for some unknown reason not only did he refuse our offer, he took the house off the market!

Dejected, my buyers returned home and left me with the task of finding them a house just like that one, the one that somehow got away.

I knew the builder, I knew the floorplan well, and I know Ventana Ranch like the back of my hand, so thinking to myself "this is going to take forever," I set up my new listing alerts and sat back, ready to wait.

Well lo and behold, about a week later a house just like the one they missed came on the market. I ran over there on day one, checked it out for them, and when I gave it the thumbs up they made a long-distance offer. Their offer was accepted, we opened escrow, and things couldn't have been better.

Except, this second home was a limited-service listing. I'm not a big fan of limited service listings because you usually have to negotiate directly with the seller, not the Realtor, and frankly most home owners don't know what the heck they are doing.

Sure enough, the sellers, who had great buyers in escrow, decided they didn't want to do any repairs, even though we asked only for repairs that were truly needed.

Twice thwarted in our efforts to buy a house, actually thrice if you count the new construction home they originally wanted, you might think we would have given up, right? No way!

About three weeks later the home you see above came on the market and we pounced.  

Luckily this house was represented by an experienced broker and we were able to make it to closing. My clients still hadn't seen the home in person, only in the photos and the video that I shot using my iPhone. I was a little nervous. Even though it was the same exact floorplan as the other homes they'd offered on, I was till concerned that they might object to something that I hadn't noticed. And after all, they put a ton of trust in me to make sure the home was worthy! I was feeling the weight of the decision!

I'm happy to say they loved it! 

So, remember two things. First, those prices advertised by the home builders rarely include all the nice materials and finishes you see in the model homes, and second, dealing with limited-service listings is for the birds.

Oh, and third, if you need a great Realtor that you can trust, call me, Rich Cederberg, eXp Realty at (505) 803-5012 if you need a good buyer's broker!

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