League City’s “Five Corners” Construction Begins with Demolition

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In an effort to keep our readers up-to-date on news about the Five Corners Realignment Project, in League City, Brockway Realty reports the following information:

Oftentimes, in order to build something new, something old must be torn down. The realignment of FM 270, FM 2094 and FM 518 (League City) has begun by changing the ‘scenery’. The billboard located on FM518 next to the Mattress Firm Building was removed on September 14th. The Mattress Firm building was demolished on September 15th, 2016.




The City of League City has been documenting progress of the Five Corners Realignment Project with videos on their YouTube channel..



Brockway Realty has published the following blogs about the Five Corners Project: “Five Corners” Public Meeting Set for Thursday, July 23rd , July 22, 2015;  Residents Anticipate Less Congestion at the “Five Corners”, August 8, 2016; Updates Announced About the “Five Corners” Realignment in League City , August 19, 2016.



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