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I attended another class in my GRI certification on Sales & Marketing.   My instructor, Anne Hruby, is extremely knowledgeable and I did take away alot of good info.  It seems most of the classes are the same but I keep taking them with different instructors and get something new each time. I actually came out of this one with a little more, what I call, practical in my world, information.

As a rookie, I am still trying to get together all my presentations in a way that works for me,  still deciding what to include and how to put it all together.   What I got most out of this class was our discussion on preparing for the listing interview, specifically the PRE LISTING PACKET.   What to give the seller prior to our first meeting to help make the listing interview more productive.   Right now I include:   

  • Resume to convince them that I am the right person for the job
  • Information on my company and the services we offers to make the transaction as stressLESS as possible
  • Copy of the Listing agreement advising them to read through it so I can answer any questions they have when we meet.

Another item that one of the agents includes is a TURBULENT ITEM CHECKLIST   I LOVE THAT.................and somehow I want to include a list like that in my packet.     I am not sure my list would be just turbulent items (although I guess you could say everything in a real estate transaction can be considered turbulent lol).  

My idea is to provide a checklist showing the client what we deal with on most transactions.  Most everyday consumers may not even know what some of this terminology means, which is the point.   It is believed alot of consumers ask for a listing appointment to meet the Realtor and get as much info as possible so they can become a FSBO.  My goal would be for this list to  make them think twice about that.   I don't think alot of consumers really understand the scope of what REALTORS do in a given transaction and the extent of knowledge we need to secure a successful transaction.   This list hopefully educates them and hopefully scares them at the same time. 

So let me ask all of you out there

WHAT DO YOU INCLUDE IN YOUR PRE-LISTING PACKAGE   AND    WHAT WOULD YOU INCLUDE ON THIS LIST?     This is what I came up with so far (but not in any order):

  1. Getting Home Ready For Sale (Staging)
  2. Curb Appeal
  3. Storage of excess items
  4. Availability to be at inspections  (home, well, septic, radon, mold, water potability, etc)
  5. Easements
  6. Encroachments
  7. Seller financing options
  8. Financing contingencies
  9. Home Sale Contingencies
  10. Tax liens
  11. Title Issues
  12. Understanding the Real Estate Contract
  13. Multiple List Services
  14. Short Sales
  15. Qualifying Buyers
  16. Open Houses
  17. Understanding Your Current Market
  18. Understanding Market Value
  19. Appraisal Process
  20. First Time Homebuyers Credit
  21. Marketing
  22. Finding Target Market
  23. Pre & Post Settlement Options
  24. Pre-Settlement Walk Through
  26. Pricing - Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) or as I like to call it Competitive Market Information (CMI)
  27. Lead Based Paint Disclosures
  28. Disclosure requirement if you belong to a Home Owner Association
  29. Third party approvals
  30. Disclosure/Disclaimers
  31. Non-Resident Seller Requirement
  32. RESPA
  33. Ground Rent (if applicable)
  34. Termite Inspections
  35. Forest Conservation Program
  36. Agriculturally Assessed Properties
  37. Inclusions/Exclusions
  38. Process for mediation of disputes
  39. Home Owner Warranty
  40. Flood plains and wetlands notices

One of my fellow classmates has 88 items on her Turbulent Item Checklist.  

            Let's see what we can do to surpass that.         



Maria Holland
RE/Max Homes & Estates, ABR,GRI, CDPE, SFR - Nashville, TN
Realtor, ABR, GRI, CDPE, SFR
My advice is keep it simple.  Make it personal.  Show them that they can trust you and work very hard for them to continue to earn their trust.  Also, anything you promise make sure that you follow up on those.
May 03, 2008 11:06 AM
Nancy Wolk
Long and Foster - Hampstead, MD

Maria - I agree with that on the listing interview.  This list would be included in a pre-listing packet.  I think this list is very simple and to the point.   No explanations just issues that are or could be involved in their transaction.   I think what I will need when all is said and done is a GOOD TITLE for the list.   Any suggesstions?

May 03, 2008 11:12 AM