What's Your Decor Style?

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We are closing in on finishing up with a (primarily) DYI bathroom remodel. It's taken us quite a while, because of kids, and work, and work, and kids, and life. And other stuff too, I'm sure. Anyway, it's taken a while. We did pay to have the tile work done, and I am SO GLAD. Sometimes you just have to know when something is better left to the professionals. As you can see from the above picture (in process!), we have a lot of subway tile on the wall, and I didn't want to mess that up. 

After doing this job, we have decided to explore the option of getting a home improvement loan and just PAYING someone to do the rest of the house. The idea that this could actually happen is AMAZING. I love doing stuff myself, and I also love the idea of stepping away from it and letting somebody else take over for a while. 

While I was meeting with a contractor, he said to me, "So, you are saying you want kind of a country style..." My immediate response was, UGH! NO! Because "country" in my mind brings up images of fake vines draped over the windows, lots of chintz fabric, and cutesy cows and pigs everywhere. (Disclaimer - if I just described your style- ROCK ON WITH YOUR BAD CHINTZ LOVING SELF- everybody likes what they like and it's all good.)

But the more I've thought about it, I guess he is kind of right. I do like country style. It's more of a 30s-40s farmhouse/Scandinavian/arts and crafts/craftsman kind of country. But it's a country style my husband and I both like a lot. 

What's YOUR style? Share pictures too! :)

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