Discovery Bay Home Prices – September 2016

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Discovery Bay Home Prices – September 2016

Discovery Bay Home Prices continue on an upward trend, but not as fast as other East Contra Costa Communities. This is probably because Discovery Bay Homes represent the most expensive community in East Contra Costa County and right now the market is being driven from the bottom and the middle. However, there are still affordable homes in Discovery Bay and they are selling fast.
Discovery Bay Homes

Discovery Bay is an eclectic community with many different types of homes. The most popular being homes with Deep Water Docks or Delta Water Front Properties; but there are also homes in The Lakes at Discovery Bay, Country Club, and many other Discovery Bay communities.


Let's look at Home Prices in Discovery Bay for the past year.









Oct – Dec 2015







Jan – March 2016







April – June 2016







July – 9/26/16







Active 9/26/16







* Days on Market (Average) ** Price Per SF (Average)

Discovery Bay Home Prices
bounce up and down a little bit, but the trend is still upward. Obviously the lower end homes are selling much faster than the higher end homes and those prices are going up faster. With the relative small number of home sales in the market trends can vary. Inventory is about 60 days. This is a hot sellers market.


I expect Discovery Bay Home Prices to continue to rise as it is a very affordable recreation community. Certain Market Segments, like Deep Water Dock Homes in Discovery Bay, tend to drive the high end of the market and those homes are more in demand as the weather warms.


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