Honing Your Skills

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Sometimes we’re pretty sure of ourselves, and we think we’ve pretty much arrived in our career and can now rest a little.  I don’t know if that’s always a good idea.  There’s always something nagging at the back of my brain that tells me I’ve got to be about the business of honing my skills.  Do you believe in honing your skills?


Honing your skills should come about as a pretty regular function of working.  Refining one’s talents, sharpening one’s abilities all lead to more professionalism.  Even at my age, with 30+ years under my belt, I still feel the need to become better at my craft.  Real estate agents should have that same desire, rather than resting on their “blessed assurances!”


Honing your skills need not take an enormous amount of time, money or energy.  A regular schedule of professional development classes or education geared toward the practice of real estate would be sufficient.  I’ve seen real estate agents who have been in the business more than 2-3 years who still do not understand the contract forms they use and who still fill out a contract sloppily.  Sooner or later, this will catch up to them, and could liable them for their ignorance.


Of course, being the owner of a real estate school, I am going to preach education, but it goes beyond that.  If you’ve never taken an NAR sponsored course, you are missing out.  There are some awesome opportunities to hone your skills.  My suggestion would be to take the very first course toward a GRI designation.  NAR offers other designations such as Accredited Buyer Representative, Senior Real Estate Specialist, Certified International Property Specialist, and a myriad of others.  To me, the GRI designation is the piece de resistance of the real estate industry. 


Another way of honing your skills is to take a broker course.  TEAM Hughes offers one at least once a year, and we’re hoping to be able to go to twice a year.  Many real estate agents will ask me why they should bother with the broker course if they never want to own their office.  I try not to chuckle because the answer is so obvious, but they just don’t get it.  You see, many real estate agents are quite successful because they are making money, but when it comes to honing their skills, they don’t think there’s a need to do so.  Those agents are the ones who think the practice of real estate is about them, not about consumers.  I push a broker course for one reason only, i.e. to better protect the public through more knowledge.


If you are one of the agents who believes in honing your skills, let me know and I can direct you to some really great courses, not necessarily with TEAM Hughes.   Call me if I can help in any way because the better you are at your craft, the more protection the public will have!

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