Utah Real Estate... I need a new home where should I look?

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Utah Real Estate...... I need a new home where should I look?  First off, congratulations on making the decision to purchase a home.   Whether its your first or last move it's a very exciting step.  If it's been a few years/decade since you last purchased a home a lot has changed.  I remember searching for our first home they still used the huge MLS books.  


Thankfully, when I got my license in 2003 our area was all electronic with the Internet searches.  No more huge bulky books to search through.  Back then you only had a couple choices, the newspaper or your agent with their book.  Now the choices of where to search are virtually endless.  Depending on where you live (real estate is local) your area might have

newspaper advertisements 

magazine advertisements

online newspaper classifieds

church bulletins


open house signs

signs in the yard you find driving by

word of mouth

radio advertisements

commercials on tv


and an unknown number of agent and company websites all claiming to have the most up to date accurate information available and known to mankind. ;)

I know the technology is constantly improving but the only real time accurate information available in Utah is through the local listing service.  Our local multiple listing service has a consumer side also which is extremely nice and accurate with real time information.   As members we can also have a site that is the direct feed so it is completely up to date and not misleading.  My site is http://kimshomesforsale.utahrealestate.com  it may not be the prettiest home search but its accurate 


Other well known sites are not as accurate.  They rely on 3rd party feeds with delays and not always accurate information.  One of the main well known advertisers that a lot of people think of searching when they are "just looking" only shows 1,696 single family homes for sale in Salt Lake County.  Our site that is the direct link to our Realtor side mls  http://kimshomesforsale.utahrealestate.com  shows 2396 single family homes available in Salt Lake County.  The difference might be the home you would have wanted or could have afford.    In Draper we have 168 single family homes available to show and sell, they show 142.  With such low inventory numbers that is a huge difference.

A lot of people think... but I'm curious to see what the value of your current home is, just curious  I don't want to ask an agent .... or are you trying to save money and think by selling it on your own with their information you are good to go?  buyer and sellers beware the accuracy for one of the most common sites that will give you an estimate on your homes value has a 1 start accuracy rating.  They do not have a complete list of what is available either.  

In today's day and age you really do have a lot of choices... even if you are just looking or wondering you need and should call your agent.  Start off with the correct information.  Don't waste your time with incorrect information.  Save yourself the stress, hassle and drama of not having someone with all the local facts on your side.


I would love to help you with your next home. 

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Buyers have a lot of choices on where to look for homes and our task is to get them to our IDX where the direct feeds from the MLS are the best source for their search

Sep 28, 2016 12:10 PM