A case of mistaken identity

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In fourteen years of serving people by facilitating a smooth transaction in real estate, something happened today that has never happened before.

Lubbock is a growing city in Texas.  Our economic growth is encouraging. Housing is affordable. The rate of unemployment is very low.  Lubbock is a great city in which to live, work and play.  

Because of that, we have a great real estate market.  Because we have a great real estate market, lots of people have decided to join the Realtor world.  

I have a wonderful new listing at 3113 128th Street in Lubbock.  It is over 2,600 square feet and sits on about half an acre of land. The home has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a 2 car oversized garage. It has a pergola in the backyard with electricity too! The price is $299,500. Really, really great property. Within 24 hours, it has shown numerous times.

This morning, amongst all the Realtor calls I had on it, a buyer called and left me a message. The only thing is..... I thought she was a Realtor.  I texted her some information about showing it and contacted the owner to confirm a 4:30 appointment. I even told the buyer to enjoy showing it and make sure the front door was properly locked when she left.

That same person called me about 4:30 and told me she was lost. I gave her good directions and remained on the phone with her while I talked her through getting to the address.  We visited a few minutes while she was driving.  She told me her Mom was with her.  I asked her if she was looking at it as a potential home for herself. She said she was. I thought .... cool... I love it when a Realtor buys one of my listings.  She arrived at the home and I told her goodbye.

About 5 minutes later, she called back.  She asked me if I was on my way.  I was like.... whaaaat.... can you not get in with your keybox opener?  She didn't know what I was talking about.  I was as surprised as she was. I asked her if she was a Realtor. She wasn't.  Boy was I embarrased!  I told her I would be there within 10 minutes. It ended up being a great showing.

I learn from EVERYTHING I do.  Sometimes, it is because I do something good.  Sometimes.... and this was one of those times.... I learned from something I didn't do so great. It turned out fine but I learned not to assume that I am on the same page as the person who calls. 

Check out the video of the listing.  It truly is a home someone will enjoy.  Click here to see a video of 3113 128th Street. Home for Sale in Lubbock, Texas. 

We are having absolutely beautiful weather here in Lubbock!  It is a great day to buy this home!


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