Crazy Things that’ll Destroy your Home’s Value

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It’s time to sell. You may think you have a home in tip-top shape, but you may have some decorating ideas in your North Scottsdale home for sale that might not wow buyers, realtors, and appraisers. Since first impressions do matter, here are some things you should reconsider before selling your home


Not keeping up with your Neighbors

When it comes to the appearance of your North Scottsdale home, keeping up with the Joneses is important. If your neighbors' homes look better, it could hurt your home value. Homes without features, such as a patio or pool in warmer climate states like Arizona and Florida, can hurt your chances of selling or cause your home to have a lower value.


Zombie Houses

While this is not normally a problem with North Scottsdale homes for sale, if you live near a zombie house, it’s going to be tougher to sell your home. Zombie houses are abandoned with overgrown yards and can hurt the value of nearby homes. 


Pavement Cracks

When it comes to anything in your driveway, it’s easy to ignore. But if you do want to put your North Scottsdale home up for sale, look for signs of wear and tear on your driveway or even large cracks with weeds popping up. You might want to consider resealing the surface before selling. 


Exterior Appearance

If a potential buyer drives by your North Scottsdale home for sale and notices it’s messy or not well-kept, that could signal a red flag. Make sure your lawn is looking neat along with your walkway and driveway at the very least. Painting your front door and doorframe along with window trims can also attract buyers. 



No matter where you live, even in posh North Scottsdale neighborhoods, there are probably going to be some foreclosures nearby. This can be a turnoff to some buyers. Nothing you can do but it’s good to be aware of these properties. 


Street Traffic

Again, nothing you can do if your North Scottsdale home for sale backs up to a busy street. Keep in mind, though, those homes have less value than homes in quieter areas. When potential buyers come though, you can always have music playing to drown out some of the traffic noise.


A Bad Smell

If you’re not picking up any odors in your home, invite a friend over and ask their opinion. Many people are sensitive to small, especially cigarette smoke. Don’t go with a strong deodorizer that can signal a cover-up, but rather something light like a diffuser with a citrus scent. 



If you have a hobby of collecting things such as snow globes or dolls, store them away while your North Scottsdale home is up for sale. Overdecorating and personal interest items are sometimes a turnoff to potential buyers.


Carpet all Around

This is not as much of a problem with the newer homes in North Scottsdale, but in a lot of older homes, many have hardwood floors buried under carpeting. It’s best to rip up the carpeting and expose the hardwood floors. It’ll add value back to your home. 


To sum it up, be aware of your surroundings in your home and make sure it’s in tip-top shape before selling and showing. 


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