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Have you been to Oak Glen, in Southern California lately? If you haven't its time to make a trip up to our little mountainy gem most of us know as the half-day getaway above Yucaipa, Calimesa and Beaumont. Oak Glen is known for their apple orchards, berries and rich history. And a getaway is better topped off with a nice lunch or dinner before going home.

The wife and I ventured up there last Friday for a celebratory lunch. We were celebrating my passing of the California Bureau of Real Estate's Broker Exam and thought it was a great opportunity to try the Oak Glen Steakhouse & Saloon we have heard so much about.

The restaurant is located in the same location a good friend of ours once had his restaurant in as well, so Oak Glen Steakhouse and Saloon bearour praise was going to be hard-won. When we first got there we were surprised to see how much they updated the exterior of the establishment. They did a great job incorporating a small water feature, beautiful wood-siding and rock work, an open patio from the bar and saloon that looks like a ton of fun to have a cold one and watch a game, and my favorite feature, a giant wooden bear with mug taking a fill from a large wooden water tower.

We sat in the steakhouse for lunch but didn't want to have steak (We actually had steaks at home marinating for a grilling later that night...) so the waitress suggested we try the bison burger. We took her suggestion and were thrilled with them! We are somewhat connoisseurs of bison and not new to the meat, so our endorsement comes with experience. The bison burgers were served with a delicious dab of Bison Burger at the Oak Glen Steakhouse and Saloontangy bbq sauce I'd never had before and a side of huge steak fries. Our lunch was down-right fantastic! I am diabetic and very sensitive to certain foods and even though I was cheating, the meal was kind to me as well.

When we got the check we were also surprised the tab wasn't as hefty as we thought it would be. Two bison burgers, fries and an iced tea and we walked out with a check totaling not a dime more than $50, and that's after giving our attentive waitress a 30% tip! We did take a look at the steak menu and some of the premium steak meals can garner $30+ a plate, so don't go gettin' any wise ideas that you can have a cheapy date for dinner. But a for a nice lunch stop it won't bend your money clip, either.

This was our first time to visit the Oak Glen Steakhouse and plan to make many special occasion lunch and dinner dates to this wonderful Inland Empire restaurant, even if it is out of the way. But isn't that the point, that it's out of the way and an event to go to?


-Todd J. Garrigus

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