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Drones, Are They for YOU?

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Dockside Realty DroneSince Drones were first introduced to the market I have been interested, but I have not pursued them because I didn't have a certification and was not really as interested in flying for fun.  On August 29th of this year the FAA changed the rules to allow anyone to get a Part 107 sUAV certification.  You will see many call this a license, but pilots are not licensed, they are certified.

If you are currently a certified pilot you can take an online test and get your sUAV certification.  If not, you have to take a 60 question test at a certified testing center.  It is not an easy test for someone who does not have experience in aviation.  However, there are some good training centers online and that is what I did.  I took an online course and studied pretty hard for a week.  I took the test and passed, so now I can fly drones commercially.  I will be happy to recommend the course I took and explain more, if anyone wants.

This means I will be able to put aerial videos on my web site, legally, and I can also do videos for others.  There is a question about whether or not this certification is really necessary, since you can fly without any certification for pleasure.  

To be honest, I am not sure why there isn't a requirement for everyone to have at least some of the knowledge required by the FAA for a drone pilot.  We have to have a drivers license and in many ways this is not too different. After flying for a while I can see that these drones can be dangerous if not used correctly.

Some of the information you need to learn does not make sense for most pilots who are doing real estate videos.  However, knowing the airspace regulations is something that everyone who is flying should know.  As we introduce our drones into the airspace used by manned aircraft we can become a hazard if we don't know what we are doing.  We can legally fly our drones up to 400' above ground level.  I didn't think that was very high until I put my first drone up and only went up 150'.  I could barely see the drone!  If there are helicopters around I could be a hazard to them.  Food for thought!

In any case, I am looking forward to being able to get some great videos for my web site and for listings.



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I am a huge drone fan.  I paid several photographers to do drone shots for me, but wasn't pleased so I went out and bought my own to shoot community videos, golf course, parks, etc., here in Boise, Idaho to do lifestyle videos for my listings.

Mar 12, 2017 11:54 PM