Checking out a Home by John P. Wells

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Checking Out a Home by John P. Wells


One of the toughest things for buyers to deal with is the home inspection.   All too often, Buyers make an offer without their agent taking the time to go through the house critically to alert them to “red flags”.   A good agent is trained to look for them.

Home Inspections are time consuming and expensive.  A good inspector may spend half a day inspecting a home, and charge upwards of $400.    As John Wells looks at homes with my clients, he watches for things a home inspector will point out.  That way, if the clients make an offer, it is with knowledge, and the formal home inspection may not be as laden with surprises as they are when important components are not observed.  How does the roof look?   Is there rot on the trim?  Does the wiring appear to be up to date?  On older homes I will test the outlets to see if they are properly grounded.   Not all 3-pronged outlets actually are grounded; it may be an updated outlet covering old wiring.  When there is no ground, that’s a clear indication that the wiring needs to be updated to be safe.

John Wells will look at the attic ventilation, the foundation, the condition of the joists in the basement, and anything else that is readily visible.   This helps the Buyers decide if they want to make an offer, and if they do, prepares them for some of the things that the home inspector will want to bring to their attention.


John P. Wells is Broker/Owner of Wellsco Realty in Newburyport.  He covers southern NH and MA North Shore, and has some great Realtors tm who work with him to give Wellsco’s clients the best possible service.


Wellsco Agents are member of the National Association of Realtors.

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John P. Wells resides in Newburyport, MA.  His 16 year career in real estate varies from buyer representation, listing agent, development and planning, and adult community design.  His interests in architecture and construction are invaluable to his clients.  His true interest in helping and guiding others contributes greatly to the enjoyment that his clients experience in the real estate process. 

John has a serious background in marketing and has learned how to use the internet to build his business and sell your home.  Check out his series of websites through    You'll find client reviews, links to his other community websites and everything about living in Newburyport right there!

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