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John P. Wells of Newburyport says make sure your agent is a Realtor!

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John P. Wells, Newburyport Broker:   What’s the difference between a Realtor , Broker and Real Estate Salesperson?

The State licenses real estate salespersons, often called real estate agents, based upon required schooling and a test.  Brokers have a further license that allows them to manage agents.  Agents must work under the guidance of a Broker to action as a real estate agent.

Not all agents are Realtors tm.   Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors that was formed to differentiate themselves from standard agents.  Realtors are trained in and must adhere to a very high code of ethics that ensures protection of the public, duties and standards of behavior toward the public, and professional and respectful behavior towards other Realtors.  A Real Estate Brokerage can choose to join the Association and follow its rules, or not to join and be without this oversight.  In Newburyport, all companies are Realtor companies except for one.

I ran into a salesperson from that company.  She said to me, “You know, John, all is fair in love and war”.   This is directly against the Realtor code of ethics and philosophy.   It’s a shame that some people have that mentality, which goes together with “buyer beware”.    When you are selecting someone to represent you, for the highest standards make sure you confirm that person is a Realtor.

Wellsco is a Realtor real estate company, and Broker John P. Wells is a licensed Realtor/Broker in MA and NH.

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John P. Wells resides in Newburyport, MA.  His 16 year career in real estate varies from buyer representation, listing agent, development and planning, and adult community design.  His interests in architecture and construction are invaluable to his clients.  His true interest in helping and guiding others contributes greatly to the enjoyment that his clients experience in the real estate process. 

John has a serious background in marketing and has learned how to use the internet to build his business and sell your home.  Check out his series of websites through HappyInNewburyport.com.    You'll find client reviews, links to his other community websites and everything about living in Newburyport right there!

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