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Could there really be anything more important than getting leads?


I just had an interesting experience today as I was looking at a client's IDX Broker information.  I was working on something else and just out of curiosity, I looked into their "leads" to see how many leads they had gotten.  Only one.  

One lead isn't enough to justify a website or IDX for real estate agents.... or is it?  

This lead had left a name and email address.  I went through and looked at the properties this person had looked at and saw that about half of them were sold or taken off market.  Of the properties that were left, I did a quick scan and saw a few things. 

I saw from the thumbnail photos that they were all cabins in a 3-4 city area.  They were all listed for about 119,000 to 150,000.  That isn't going to keep anyone wanting a website. 

Now let's say that I am really nurturing my leads and working to convert each lead into a buyer or seller client.  This client would generate about $3000 - $4000 of commissions.  That can pay for a lot of website.  

But let's go beyond that.  

Who buys cabins? 

People who are buying a second home or a vacation home.  

They will bring friends out to the cabin to show it off.  The next family reunion or church retreat will be at that cabin.  If I have taken care of the buyer, they will show off their new trophy to everyone they can. 

I don't think every lead can be nurtured to be a client, but I didn't see any emails going out to this lead.  

I will be doing what I can to help avoid this great loss and waste of time and effort for me and my clients.

Nurturing leads is more important than getting leads

I believe that more important than GETTING internet leads is NURTURING the leads that you do get.  We are making tools to help folks nurture their leads at

What have you done that has helped you nurture your leads the most?

James Call - Saint George, UT
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Share your favorite story about nurturing a lead here for the benefit of the community. 

Oct 07, 2016 10:14 AM
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Nurturing is harder and more important for your business that just generating leads.

Oct 11, 2016 04:59 PM
James Call


Thanks for your comment.  Why do you think nurturing is harder for most agents?  It seems like once we get the lead, nurturing would be easy! 

Oct 12, 2016 02:18 AM