Race Results in North Georgia contests and a big on in Kentucky

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I previously reported on the Blue Ridge (Ga.) Mountain Adventure race - here are the results:

First:  Snickers Marathon;  Second:  Checkpoint Zero;  Third:  Checkpoint Zero JR; Fourth:  Black Dome.  A great day was had by all and whether a team was first, 5th, 15th or whatever, everyone was a champion in my book because it is a grueling but fun adventure.  See them all back next yer!!


The Tour de Georgia ran last week, beginning with Stage 1 in Savannah-winner, Ivan Dominguez of Team TUP (Toyota-United Pro)

Stage 2 was also won by Ivan Dominguez.  Stage 3 went to Greg Henderson of THR (High Road).

Stage 4 was wond by Trent Loew of TSL (Slipstream Chipolte Present by H3))

Stage 5 saw Richard England of BPC as the leader; Stage 6 went to Kanstantsin Siutsou of THR.

Stage 7 winner Greg Henderson was sinner of winning team THR (High Road).

Side interest-King of the Mountain event taken by Jason McCartney, team CSC.

Congratulations to all the winners!

The BIG horse race was won by "BIG BROWN", the expected winner who came from the back to win in front of one of the biggest crowds ever in near perfect weather.  Second place went to the lone filly of the race who had the most heart-she earned her 2nd place and then collapsed after the wire with two broken front ankles.  Her fate saddened horse lovers everywhere.  Third place was taken by Denis of Cork.. The Cajun jockeys, Desormeaux and Borel did it again!!!!!!!!!

 The next big race is a political one and I am not about to get into that field, fray or whatever.  Next week we go back to Cherokee influence in North Georgia and other interesting events held inthis area.  Coming up is the "Arts in the Park" in Blue Ridge, Ga. held over Memorial Day Weekend.  Hope to see you there.

Judy Aselton


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