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I wrote a blog last week about how Nurturing Leads is more important even that getting leads

Today let's quickly look at 3 reasons SMS, TXT or Text messages are key to success with Nurturing Leads. 

3 ways TXT  messages Nurture Leads

There may be millions of ways to get the benefits of texting in your real estate business, but today, let's work on just these three:

Text Messages give you a quick initial response time

When you send a mailout to your farm area, folks have a day or two to look at your mailing piece before making a decision to call you.  When they do call, they will typically expect a response that day or at least within 24 hours. 

Compare that to Internet contacts. 

When people are looking at properties on a website and signup on your IDX pages, they expect a response from you within a few minutes and at least within one hour. 

90% of the internet leads who signup with you who do not hear from you within 2-3 minutes will move on to another agent to see if they can get a response from them.  

Internet users and real estate website leads expect really fast response times.  

If you are out showing a listing or in a really fascinating Continuing Education course, you may just ignore another email that rolls in to your inbox, but you will most likely be able to quickly respond to a lead. 

Text Messaging is responding "in kind" to your IDX leads

Responding "in kind" means using the same format to respond as the client used to contact you.  At RealtyCandy, we try to use the same format to respond to our clients that they used to contact us. 

If they sent us an email, we will normally respond by email. 

If they call and leave a message, we will respond with a phone call.

If they contact us with our chat, we hop on chat to respond. 

Normally a visitor to your website will expect the speed of response to be similar to the speed they used to contact you.  

In today's world most people are visiting your real estate website with a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.  They will be waiting for your response on that same device. 

Use Text Messages to keep the conversation fresh.

Ongoing conversations with texting allow you to keep a current, constant dialouge with your lead or client.  In todays world, there are just too many "mail merge" tools that will send out tons of impersonal emails that were supposedly "personalized".  

When I get a text message from someone, I assume that they took the 5-10 seconds to actually write the message and send it to me.  I am much more likely to take the time to respond.  

I also like texting because I can write "yes" or "no" as a response and not feel like I am being rude.  Your visitors are busy and are at work or with their family when they contact you.  They don't want to spend time writing verbose emails to you, or waste their time in phone tag and phone calls. 

Use TXT messages to build your real estate business the next 12 months

As you use SMS messages, or text messsages to contact and respond to your clients, you will find that you will be able to nurture more of your leads and convert them into clients you do business with. 

Post a comment below about a success story you have had using Texting with leads. 


Take a peek at our TXT alert tool at http://realtycandy.com/idx-addons




James Call
RealtyCandy.com - Saint George, UT
RealtyCandy - IDX Broker for WIX, Wordpress & more

Please share a story about how TXTing helped you get business here!

Oct 11, 2016 01:55 AM
William Feela
Realtor, Whispering Pines Realty 651-674-5999 No.

I get one of these once or twice a month.  You need to follow up fast or they are gone.

Oct 11, 2016 10:45 AM
James Call


How fast do you think the follow up needs to be to keep the lead interested?

Oct 12, 2016 02:19 AM
faye schubert
Retired - Branson, MO
Living the Branson Lake Life

Love the texting ideas, as people seem to respond better to texts, than emails with open rates less than 15 percent .

Oct 11, 2016 11:09 AM
James Call


I was at the IDX Broker Developer Summit last week.  Someone said that something like 90% of texts get opened.  Most people were saying that they get 1-3% open rate on emails. 


That is a huge difference!

Oct 12, 2016 02:20 AM