Thoughts on Shiny Object Syndrome and Real Estate Agents

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In my opinion this blog post offers good advise. It can help you to jump start your real estate business because real estate agents keep trying to reinvent the wheel, well at least I do. Focusing on the simple and basic prospecting techniques goes a long way, that is if you are persistent and follow up. Allow me to share this with you.

Original content by Beth Atalay

Thoughts on Shiny Object Syndrome and Real Estate Agents

When I was a new agent, I wanted to buy everything real estate related. Books, cards, programs, signs...
It wasn’t that bad at first, ten dollars here, fifty there, truly didn’t bother me that much as I used whatever it was I was purchasing.
About two years after I got my license, I committed to a coaching program paying thousand dollars a month and found out in the first month it wasn’t for me. So what did I do? I didn’t do any of the coaching calls nor did I use their scripts but per our agreement, I paid them a total of $12,000. Expensive lesson to learn. I learned not to jump on every shiny object and definitely not to sign long term contracts. This is not bashing coaching programs as they work great for some but it wasn’t for me.
I’m not a type of person who looks for that magic pill to get leads rolling in, none exists! Getting qualified leads is work, it’s commitment, it’s desire.

I know there are many agents who suffer from shiny object syndrome and spend their hard earned money on “stuff” they can easily do themselves.
I don’t know about you but I’ve been seeing a lot of real estate agents selling “stuff” to other real estate agents. There are some talented real estate agents who have products that are awesome(like Melissa Zavala's planner). This is something a lot of us can use and benefit from.

Let me share some examples with you;


-teaching agents how to run Facebook ads for profit
-selling Expired scripts
-selling a program teaching agents how to spend their days
-teaching agents how to put vision boards together

These are just some examples and many..many..many agents are doing. Some are recurring fees of $99.00/month, some are $500.00, some $395.00.
Friends, just because someone said their Expired script landed them four listings in one week doesn’t make it true or even if it is true, it may or may not work for you. See, it doesn’t end with pre-written scripts, you have to make them your own so you don’t sound like a robot. You still need to get the phone numbers/emails to those expired listings. Once you have both, you have to commit to reaching out to these homeowners on a regular basis as it might take more than five/six touches to convert them.

Let’s talk about Facebook ads. If you have no business in the pipeline, then you should have ample time to write and run your own ads. Just because you pay someone else to do it is not going to magically generate leads.
Many will tell you FB ads work but they probably can’t/won’t tell you what type of ads work, do they? If they’re willing, then, you’re paying! You’re paying big bucks!
We’re all in a different type of market and what works for me in Clermont FL, probably won’t work in Michael Jacobs's market. I have tried many different ads to different demographics to see what works in my area and so far, the best ads have been those targeted to buyers moving to FL so I target zip codes in Brooklyn NY, Staten Island NY, Bergen County NJ, Philadelphia and Pennsylvaniaa areas.
If my target is to first time home buyers, then I mention a buyer assistance program specific to my county. This makes my phone ring! If I want seller leads, then I would run an ad targeting a specific subdivision with market update.
See, you don’t have to pay $500.00 to learn how to boost/run ad on Facebook. Most ActiveRain members are happy to share what works for them. No contracts, no conventions, you just become part of this great community to get the scoop and try it out yourself.

Until you are comfortable with your performance, do it the old fashioned way. Farm an area. Before you start, study the area and make sure there’s healthy percentage of turnover. Once you identify it, then set a budget. Be sure to touch your audience at least every three weeks and mix it up. Postcards with market update which you can design for free on Canva then get them printed locally for a lot cheaper. If you never sold a home in that subdivision, take a picture of the entrance to the subdivision to use it on your postcard and provide a market update. Always have a call to action on the front as well as the back of the postcard. The second piece could be a newsletter or a handwritten card.

If you are spinning your wheels month after month not knowing which shiny object to buy next..STOP!! Do not spend another dollar until you consistently blogged, farmed, touched your SOI for six consecutive months.

Holidays are coming up and you have a great opportunity to get out and get involved in your community. Organize a toy drive/food drive, post it on your FB page, blog about it, mention it in your newsletter, go to your local fire station and see if they would be willing to be a drop off place. They will most likely say yes. Once they say yes, take a picture with them announcing your drive for the holidays to your community.


Remember, people will do business with those they know and trust. You can be that person without buying all the shiny objects that are just waiting for your credit card number.
If you’re not an ActiveRain Rainmaker, do not delay! Remember, if you are a Rainer, consumer can not see your well-written posts!

Thoughts on Shiny Object Syndrome and Real Estate Agents



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Donna Foerster
HomeSmart Realty Group - Parker, CO
Metro Denver Real Estate Assistant

Thank you SO much for sharing this message. There are many basics things we can be doing for little or no money. We need to master those things FIRST!

Oct 21, 2016 09:22 AM
Dolores "Dee" Mauriello
Keller Willaims - Wayne, NJ
Realtor, Homes For Sale Wayne NJ

There is no easy fix such as buying leads. Who is to say if these same leads are going to multiple Websites and being sold again and again. Got to use some elbow grease so to speak.



Oct 23, 2016 10:47 AM
Elyse Berman, PA
LoKation Real Estate - Boca Raton, FL
Boca Raton FL (561) 716-7824

Dolores Mauriello This was a great reblog.  I follow Beth Atalay and have spoken with her.  She is kind and a wealth of information.

Jan 26, 2017 03:53 AM