5 Reasons You Need Video to Sell Real Estate

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Content is king on the Internet, which is increasingly reaching every aspect of our lives. No content is more powerfully convincing or more highly consumed than online videos. Video production tools have gotten more affordable. Producing and distributing great promotional content for your houses has never been easier. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Here are 5 reasons you need video to sell real estate.

Video to Sell Real Estate

Cover All Your Bases

Some people prefer reading about a property or neighborhood, while others are visual. Graphically inclined folks really need the moving visual aspect of video to capture their attention. Advertisers know that just having a newspaper ad isn't enough. You need a multi-pronged approach, including print, radio, television, and online marketing. If it was feasible, you could even hire college students to draw chalk pictures on the sidewalk up and down the street. The point is, use every tool at your disposal to attract attention to the properties that you are trying to sell.

Video Tells Stories

The linear flow of video is ideal for telling a story. This is why motion pictures quickly became popular in the early 20th century and continue to thrive. Studies have shown that storytelling links the mind of the teller with the audience and allows a more fluid exchange of ideas than a list of facts. Use this to your advantage and tell a story about why a house can be the perfect home, instead of just giving measurements and cold details.

Add Your Own Flare

Video is an art-form that allows you to add a lot of your own personality. If done right, this video can not only be branded to show off your business, but it can also show your potential clients who you are and begin to build their trust. Making a simple walk-through of the house is a good start, but it's only the beginning. Use the power of the medium to show the chef designed kitchen in use for a family feast or the stain resistant carpets standing up to the aftermath of a soccer game. Also, don't be shy to show yourself in the video. This is as much a device to sell you as the agent as it is for selling the property.

Video Adds Context

A description is a good start to introducing a house and photos add a lot to that description, but even with the best photos and description, it's difficult to get a comprehensive look at a house. It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. At 30 images per second, a minute of video is worth more words than even the fastest auctioneer can muster. This doesn't even count the impact that narration and music can add. Video provides a vehicle to move through the house. Instead of a photo gallery that shows disjointed sections of a house, allow your visitors to join you walking from the dining room through the hallway, to view the intricate tile back-splash behind the whirlpool tub.

Video Gets More Attention

Research by Unbounce shows that adding a video to a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. Videos are also likely to be shared on social media. This is free advertising. Make a good video and let it work for you. The emotional impact of a good video can elicit tears or that 'aw' moment. It's difficult to forget a well produced project.

Tools for video production are abundant, from YouTube to traditional editing software. The hosting options are just as plentiful, so don't be afraid of this great tool. With a couple of tutorials most anyone can create a decent video and it just gets better with practice. If you really don't have the time or desire to create your own video, check out Craigslist for a local aspiring producer to make your videos for you.

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