A Guide to Effective Online Marketing

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These days, having a presence online isn’t just a good idea for a real estate agent, it’s essential. Today’s real estate clients are savvy and consume information almost as fast as it can be produced. They demand convenience and efficiency, which means that learning the best ways to market your business online is vital to your success. Learn some tips and tricks to increase the effectiveness of your internet marketing for real estate tactics and get ahead of the competition.

Marketing by the Numbers

The vast majority of potential home buyers get the lion’s share of their information on the Internet. Few even check other sources these days. 92 percent of homebuyers consulted Internet resources for information. 76 percent of those took the time to visit a home that they viewed online, in person, and 43 percent of all home buyers found their home initially via an Internet search.

Engaging Your Client Base

The key to successful online marketing is to engage your client base. They need to feel like you are approachable, personable, and someone they can trust. This means that personal, targeted posts are vital. Have social media accounts all over the place. Post on local neighborhood forums and sites. Engage in community events and advertise your presence online. Make sure that with every post you mention your services so that people know who you are.

Make Your Content Relevant

Don’t just post anything on your site. Even if you have perfect optimization to get your social media at the top of all the search engine rankings, people need to have something to read when they get to your sites.

Don’t just include creative content of your own, however: link out to other sites that build upon what you’re saying. Create a web of content that will keep your customers engaged and coming back for more. Link and cross-link all of your content to truly engage your potential customers.

The Call to Action

A call to action is an important part of any blog or social media posting, but it doesn’t have to be an encouragement to directly buy a home from you. You can encourage them to read more about you and what you do. You can encourage them to visit your sites again, or even to reach out and talk. Make your calls to action as personal as your posts.

Make the Most of Mobile

In this day and age the vast majority of people use mobile devices as their primary means of accessing the Internet. If you’re not embracing mobile platforms in your web access you are far behind the curve. Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile first and that mobile users get the same experience as desktop users.

Internet Marketing for Real Estate

If you’re looking to improve your social media strategy but aren’t sure where to start, we can help. Take the time to review our Internet marketing for real estate services, and drop us a line for more information today!

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