Halloween Safety Tips

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With the Halloween fast approaching and Trick or Treat taking place across the country it's a good time to think about the safety of our little goblins, ghouls and princesses.  Have you found yourself looking for a deals on candy to treat those little ones that knocked on your door?  We all know that the cast of Star Wars and Superheros will not be happy with apples or pencils!  Here are 10 of my favorite tips to make this holiday as safe as it is fun!

1. Glowing concept

Glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets, and the like can help make it easier to see your kids on a dark street. You can find a number of different varieties at your local Dollar Stores.   You can also find glow in the dark paint or tape for their trick or treat pails.

The dark streets and sidewalks can make it hard to see your kids.  Handing these out can be a fun alternative to the onslaught of candy, and parents will be grateful.  

2. Stop, Drop and Cry

When kids get hurt on Halloween, it's often because they tripped or fell. No big surprise there, what with all the running in the dark. The best way we've found to curtail it: Threaten to take away their candy. Seriously, it works.

3. That's a fitting costume

Accidents also happen because the child's costume is ill-fitting. Step on a dress or pants that are too long, and they could take a tumble down the porch stairs or off the curb into the street. The pants length can be adjusted without having to take them to a tailor. Tuck them into socks or boots, use some masking or duct tape on the inside, or use a fabric tape that allows you to create a hem by bonding it to the fabric with an iron. 

Make sure all costumes marked "flame retardant," which is extra important on Halloween since they may be coming into contact with open flames in pumpkins. Well-fitting arms that are not too long are important for the same reason.

When it comes to masks, use your best judgment. If your child's vision is impaired, that could contribute to an injury or other unsafe situation. Masks can also compromise breathing, and may not be suitable for children with asthma.

A new wrinkle this year is anything clown-related.  If you have been living in a cave then you probably don't know about the seriousness of these clowns causing serious problems throughout the country.  So let's skip the red nose this year... 

4. Pick you pack

There's research that says that ongoing use of a heavy backpack could cause injury.  Will a few hours (or less) carrying a heavy pumpkin or bag filled with pounds of candy do the same? Probably not, but it could make for an unpleasant experience - for all of you. And, it could make the child unsteady and more prone to fall down. Look for a bag with a padded handle that won't dig into their hands or something that has a cross-body strap to better distribute the weight.  

Another option is bringing a wagon where they kids can dump their candy when the bag gets heavy.  It also gives you a chance to prescreen the pile!

5. Chocolate; it's not for dinner

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, and that could make rushing home to get dinner together a challenge. This is the perfect time to get out that slow cooker. And make one of those Halloween slow cooker recipes you saw on Pinterest or your friend posted on Facebook earlier this week.  Don't want to cook at all? Put in a pizza delivery order early in the day so you're in the system and don't get caught up in a long-wait situation with everyone who called at the last minute.

Full bellies will help your kids to keep their energy up - and their whining down. 

6. This is no time for Marco Polo

If you don't already have a locator app on your phone, well you do now!  If you're in a crowded area with lots of kids around, you want to make sure you can always find them.  It might sound a crazy but its easy to loose sight of your little ghost in a crowd of unfamiliar faces especially when they are all wearing masks.  

7. Weather 

It never fails. Your kids pick out their favorite Halloween gear and then the night before Halloween, a cold front comes through, forcing them to wear a coat over their costumes. If it's going to be frigid while they're out trick-or-treating, some long underwear underneath their costume and a hat might be enough to keep them toasty.

You'll also want to pay attention to weather conditions that could impact their footwear choices. If it's been raining, snowing, or the ground is slick, non-slip shoes will be a necessity.

8. Inspect every piece

Nobody wants to think about poison or other hazards in their kids Halloween candy, and documented events of poisoning or other tampering with candy are few.  The main takeaways: if it's open, it goes in the trash. Unless you know the people giving out homemade treats and know specifically what's in them, it goes in the trash. Anything else that looks or smells suspicious goes in the trash.  Candy is just not worth the risk, that you can end your night in the emergency room!

9. Pick your pieces

If you're anything like us, your Halloween haul is going to be impressive. And you probably won't want to keep all that candy in the house. There is a growing number of Halloween candy buyback programs that will pay you per pound of candy turned in, with some donated to families and others sent to the troops overseas.

10. Allergen alert

While you're sorting through that candy (and, inevitably, putting aside your favorites), beware of allergens. If your child is allergic to peanuts or something else that can be dangerous, you're obviously aware of this. But do you know about teal pumpkins? Looking out for them could help your child get more enjoyment out of the holiday.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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Pat Champion
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Thanks for sharing the Halloween safety tips you can never be too careful. Have a great afternoon.

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William Feela
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Good tips.  Far to many people are lax about trick or treating now days

Oct 27, 2016 05:18 AM