I Didn't get the Listing Today

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Well I didn't get it. Am I bummed - yeah a bit, but not too much.

My attitude is NOT that I lost the listing...I never had it to lose. But I didn't get it.

I was one of 3 agents who met with the sellers (FSBOs BTW) the other day to talk about my marketing and how I could help them. I have been sending them information once a week or so for months...so I was thrilled that they responded and asked me to come meet with them.

The meeting was short - they made it clear upfront that I, like the other 2, had 30 minutes. The goal was to talk a little about comps, answer questions, and for them to decide who they felt most comfortable with. It went well overall. They are experienced unrepresented sellers, having done this 5 times in the last 25 years. This time was not working for them (not the topic of this post but there are some good reasons why they have not been successful).

I was on my way to do an open house today when Mrs. Seller called. She wanted to let me know (as I have asked her to do) that they had made a decision to go with another agent but that they really liked me and wanted to keep me in mind in case things did not work out (I was pretty sure I was not agent #1 by this time). I guess being a runner-up is not really flattering, but they have known the other agent for some time. And when I asked about any feedback on my presentation, or if there were things that made them decide to NOT go with me she said no. They really liked me, my style, my knowledge, and my marketing. She said the only thing that made them decide in favor of the other agent was that they had known her for some time.They asked good questions during the meeting, and I had a good time talking with them about the problem that they were facing - how to sell this home that needed updating in a competitive market.

I'm OK with that. It's the way it is. Relationships are important, and I'm glad that I had the opportunity. And that the feedback was positive. I wished her well, and perhaps things will still work out. So I want to be Agent #2? That depends.

Anyhow, I picked up a lead on a listing for multimillion dollar ocean view home from the open house I did today (seller-t-be wants me to come meet with him this week), plus I got a referral from a past client in my old home back in Cambridge, so all in all it was a good day. Life goes on, doncha know?


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J Perrin Cornell
Century 21 Exclusively, Wenatchee, WA - Wenatchee, WA
Jeff... better next time. But I agree with Gail. FSBO's, why do you want to deal with them? Why try and deal with someone that thinks your services have no value, think they know more than you and are only turning to you as a last resort. There are easier and more rewarding ways to make it in this profession.
Feb 25, 2007 02:57 PM #16
Lydia Heaton
ActiveRain Corp. - Bothell, WA

Jeff - got the perfect song, I think you'll love it. It's called the Realtor Blues and it was written by myself and the current President of the Solano Association of Realtors Jeff Dennis. You can download a FREE copy off my website. Go To: www.TheEscrowGuy.com and scroll down to the CD and get yourself a copy of the song .mp3 format. It will cheer you up and we all know, you'll come out of this ok. Sorry you didn't get the listing, but you'll definately get the one's you need or that are meant to be. Hope you enjoy our tune, Realtor Blues!

Brad Andersohn
The Escrow Guy

Feb 25, 2007 03:07 PM #17
Terry Lynch
LAR Notary and Closing Services - Saint Clair Shores, MI


You didn't say anything about the list price.

Did they list over your recommended price? 

Terry Lynch 

Feb 25, 2007 03:26 PM #18
Joan Snodgrass
Midamerica Referral Network - Kimberling City, MO

You've got a great attitude, Jeff.  Too many times we don't get over our hurt at loseing, to ask the pertinent questions you did.  Hopefully your new lead will more than make up for the loss of this one.


Ozarks Joan 

Feb 25, 2007 03:28 PM #19
Brian Brady
San Diego VA Home Loans/858-777-9751 - San Diego, CA
You win some, you lose one or two.  As you long as you win more than you lose, you're doing okay, Jeff.  Remember, you are a "new" agent to San Diego so you are doing great!
Feb 25, 2007 03:30 PM #20
Debi Braulik
www.roundrealestate.com - Maple Valley, WA
Selling Maple Valley to Fife WA Homes For Sale

Jeff- You have a great attitude about your situation. You're right being in position #2 isn't the best, but it is not the worst either. At least you weren't chosen as agent #3. Congrats on the open house success and the referral. Go get 'em.  :)

Feb 25, 2007 03:57 PM #21
Fran Gatti
RE/MAX Integrity - Medford, OR
Managing Principal Broker - RE/MAX Integrity


I did a listing presentation for a FSBO six months ago and noticed last week they listed their home with another agent.  I was disappointed but didn't give it much thought.  The next day the owner left a voice mail message on my phone saying how she was so sorry they listed with someone else and that I was her first choice.  I sent her a card thanking her for the call and letting her know I would do all I could to find her a buyer.   I love real estate!


Feb 25, 2007 04:00 PM #22
Elaine Reese, REALTOR® in central Ohio
Real Living HER, Powell Ohio - Powell, OH
Hm-m-m ... a million dollar listing that actually WANTS to use an agent ... or a former FSBO. I think you dodged the bullet on that one! You just know they're not going to be happy with that agent friend, and that agent will be pulling her hair out before it's done.
Feb 25, 2007 04:19 PM #23
Kaushik Sirkar
Call Realty, Inc. - Chandler, AZ

You win some you lose some.  This one that you lost - looks like it may just be offset by a few bigger wins!

Feb 25, 2007 04:39 PM #24
Burland & Edmands Stirling
Coldwell Banker - Madison, CT

Jeff, Good post sorry to hear you were not selected to represent the seller at this time, but glad to hear you dusted yourself off and got the lead on the Multi-Million dollar listing.  Stay positive because people pick that vibe up.  I came in 2nd on my first listing opportunty.  While I was friends with the sellers, the other agent was also - the difference between the two of us was I didn't have the experience (brand new) and told them the truth about where their house sat in the market, the other agent gave them their reality $50K more than mine and got the listing.

Losing gracefully is always important, you never know what can happen.  We all know that selling a house is emotional and can be a contentious process. There is always the chance that this listing is not as smooth as they would have liked (not necessarily due to the other agent) and the Smiths down the street are looking for an agent and the sellers give them your name because they are not in a happy space with their current agent.

Keep possitive - sales is the only profession where you can have a lower batting average than a Major League Baseball player and still make a great living.

Feb 25, 2007 10:23 PM #25
Ryan Hukill - Edmond
ShowMeOKC Real Estate Pros of KW Elite - Edmond, OK
Realtor, Team Lead
Thanks for sharing Jeff. We all face "rejection" and it's never fun but as long as we learn something, even that we did a great presentation, then it was worth it. Plus, it sounds like you had a great day and the open house may have paid off! I love to hear OH success stories.
Feb 26, 2007 01:28 AM #26
Sean Dankers
Realty World Select - Fredericksburg, VA
Thanks for the post.  Congrats on your listing and lead.  I agree with Kaushik that you win some and you lose some.  Sometimes for the best...
Feb 26, 2007 01:28 AM #27
Michael Roberts
Real Estate Professionals of Glynn - Saint Simons Island, GA
May be I am an optomist but If that house hasn't been updated.  It may be to your advantage to wait for the forst agent to spin their wheels so you can come in and get them to lower the price or provide an allowance to do the updates... Sometimes being second or thrid is not bad and sets you up to be the hero.
Feb 26, 2007 01:32 AM #28
Jeff Dowler, CRS
Solutions Real Estate - Carlsbad, CA
The Southern California Relocation Dude

Wow, guess this struck a cord with a few people. Thanks for all your comments. I'm sure all of us have been there at least once. Or more than once.

I really am fine with how this turned out. I don't normally chase after FSBOs, for the reasons that some of you noted - why bothers?). But every now and then I do, and the fact that I got in to see them is a success in my mind. Sure I would have liked to have gotten the listing, but the fact that I lost out to someone they already knew, and that they didn't have any issues with me or my presentation (at least that they would admit) made me feel pretty good. And with the other things happening I really don't mind.

Perhaps I will get a second chance. I don't know the listing price yet, and if it is high as it was before, I will be glad I don't have an overpriced listing to contend with. And the fact that it needs updating, and is only a 2 BR (masters, with baths) will be a challenge, which I told them.

BTW Brad, that song, the Realtor Blues, was great - I had a great laugh and will share it with others.

I learned some things from chasing these sellers, and by getting in to talk, and that's pretty valuable in my mind. Onward!!


Feb 26, 2007 02:16 AM #29
Roger Stensland
Keller Williams Realty Puget Sound - Maple Valley, WA
Let's Move!
I enjoyed the story.  I am kind of curious why they even called you if they had their minds made up before having you come over - unless they called you and the other agent to verify what they already thought about their friend.  The old Reagonism comes to mind "trust but verify".
Feb 26, 2007 04:29 AM #30
Jeff Dowler, CRS
Solutions Real Estate - Carlsbad, CA
The Southern California Relocation Dude

Roger- I am not sure that they HAD made up their minds, but you never know. They were very impressed, per their phone call, with all the info I had sent them and my persistence.  And I din''t know who they were seeing before I went in, although I should have asked. I did have a thought that they were gathering info from REALTORS and then were going to relist using our strategies, pricing, etc. Doesn't appear to be the case although I know FSBOs who have done that. Hmmm, maybe we should charge a fewe for meeting with potential clients the first time like lawyers and doctors do - then they get it back at closing. :)


Feb 26, 2007 05:28 AM #31
Kaye Thomas
Real Estate West - Manhattan Beach, CA
e-PRO, Manhattan Beach CA

Jeff- Achieving two out of three opportunities looks like great odds to me...


Feb 26, 2007 08:00 AM #32
Gail Robinson
William Raveis Real Estate - Southport, CT
CRS, GRI, e-PRO Fairfield County, CT

Fran, That's exactly what I say!  In fact, I lost out one time to another agent in my office and there was an awkward moment while the Sales Manager turned to me in our weekly meeting and said sympathetically, "Oh, that's your farm area, isn't it?"  I said, "Yes, and I'll bring the buyer!"  (Okay, I didn't, but the point is that there are two sides to every transaction -- not counting Dual Agency -- and if we really do farm an area we should be able to make money from either end of the transaction.) 

Just a general comment, I know that it's normal to feel let down when we go for a listing and lose out, but the difference I see between the agents who do well in this business long term and those who burn out quickly is how well they weather these rejections.  It's all part of the sales business and it does have an impact, but how MUCH impact does it have?  Jeff, you have the right approach, acknowledge the feelings and then move on.  There's always so much more opportunity out there.

Feb 26, 2007 01:57 PM #33
Jeff Belonger
Social Media - Infinity Home Mortgage Company, Inc - Cherry Hill, NJ
The FHA Expert - FHA Loans - FHA mortgages - USDA loans - VA Loans

Jeff... it does suck. They basically told you that you were number 1..... but in layman's terms.... they didn't want to hurt the other person's feelings. That's how I take it. Some people can't say no to friends or knowing someone longer. 

Yes, relationships are extremely important. But when does one realize what is best for them?  As Lisa said... welcome... this happens and has happened to me in many different forms. Something that I wrote a while back that kind of talks about what your clients went through. Shoppers that shop themselves right out of the market

Hey.....  2nd is not the best, especially when dealing with money lost. You did get great feedback though.  thanks for sharing... 

Feb 27, 2007 04:19 PM #34
Jeff Dowler, CRS
Solutions Real Estate - Carlsbad, CA
The Southern California Relocation Dude

Kaye - you're right!

Gail - thanks for the comments. Attitutde is so important, and MOST of the time my disappointment about not getting a listing I really wanted is short lived. Next!

Jeff - thanks for your kind thoughts, Off to take a look at your article. And, yes, the postive feedback was helpful. Glad to know I didn't do something that was a turnoff...always need to keep learning.


Feb 28, 2007 12:27 AM #35
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