Who is the best SailView Denver NC Realtor® to sell my house?

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The SailView Community in Denver NC attracts some of the most hardworking and proud homeowners in North Carolina. Homeowners who live here want the best for their community and families.  


When you are ready to sell your SaliView home, you’ll want the very BEST realtor to represent you.


The five most important things to look for when considering the best realtor…


1. Experience in buying and selling in the SailView Community 


When selling your home, you’ll want a real estate agent who is experienced selling in the very community you live in.

Lake Norman Mike & Co are agents who are experienced in the SailView Community with multiple properties listed and sold in the past year. Also to note, we’ve sold the most expensive home in SailVew during that yearly period.


2. Experience in the Real Estate Industry.


You don’t want someone who is a rookie or who does real estate only part time. You want someone who understands the entire process inside and out, so that when unexpected things happen—and they will—you’ll have a battle-tested veteran beside you to guide you through the sometimes scary jungle of real estate transactions. Lake Norman Mike & Co is headed by Mike Toste, who has been in the real estate industry for over 25 years. He’s closed over 2,000 transactions over his career.


3. Familiarity with home buyers in the Lake Norman area.


The agent you hire to represent you must know what buyers need and want. How they behave and what they look for. Lake Norman Mike & Co is proud of the fact that they embrace internet and video technology, which is where the consumer is now going to get real estate information. He has also sold several homes in SailView, and knows what buyers are looking for when they pinpoint SailView for their next home purchase.



4.  How good is the marketing of the Realtor?


Home sellers will almost always want these two things: the highest price they can get for their home, and for the process to be fast and easy, rather than long and painful.

The key to getting these results is simply in the Marketing. Lake Norman Mike & Company goes above and beyond client’s expectations for world class real estate service by employing  innovating digital marketing techniques and adding value to home buyers looking at homes in SailView. Using state of the art drone aerial footage, mixed with a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, the goal is to get qualified buyers to the property quickly and effectively in order to get it sold fast.

See a recently Sold SailView Waterfront Listing here.


5. Do they guarantee their services?

Most realtors (over 90%) will lock you into a long and binding contract when you decide to sell your home. Unfortunately, there is no easy way out in the case that you aren’t satisfied with your Realtors’  job. 


Lake Norman Mike & Co includes for their home sellers, a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. With their “Easy Exit Listing Agreement” you can dismiss us at anytime, no questions asked. We do this with confidence because of the caliber of service we provide for each and every client we serve. This guarantee puts the pressure on US to deliver results.

So with the guarantee you get:

  • With the Easy Exit Listing Agreement, you can cancel your listing at any time
  • You can relax, knowing you won't be stressed out about long listing contracts
  • Enjoy professional service confident enough to offer this


When you are ready to sell your SailView home in Denver NC… make sure to interview SailView real estate specialist, Mike Toste and his team at Lake Norman Mike & Company.  Give the office a call at 704.584.9781 or email mike@lakenormanmike.com.



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This article “Who is the best SailView Denver NC Realtor® to sell my house?” was written by the staff at Lake Norman Mike & Company in order to educate homeowners in the area .

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