Please Do Not Do This!

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Our school has been trying to find someone to handle our website.  We’ve been looking for a while, and although we are able to maintain most of it ourselves, there are changes that must be made periodically and class schedules that must be updated.  It seems to be a continual battle.  In our quest, we have emailed, texted and called numerous website developers, designers and gurus.  Only one person, who came through a personal referral, has gotten back to us.  Please do not do this in your own real estate business!


What has happened to the business culture in our country?  I am disappointed by the lack of attention to our problems, but honestly, it’s not just web designers.  I cannot recall every time someone has passed on the same complaint to me, i.e., “we never heard back from him/her.”  Please do not do this!  Time and time again, surveys are conducted with consumers regarding real estate agents’ follow-up on leads, and it doesn’t look all that good.  Even the National Association of REATORS® addresses the issue every now and then because it is a major problem.


Granted, lead generation takes up a chunk of time if done properly.  The fact remains, however, that a buyer is going to buy and a seller is going to sell, and if it’s not with you it will be with someone else.  Please do not do this!  Everyone loses out when you fail to follow through in your business.  Needless to say, this lack of follow through permeates into all walks of life, such as the lack of interest from web developers, but we are in the real estate industry, we are in the people business, and we need to begin shaping ourselves into more professional looking people!


If you want future personal referrals, you must treat the present-day people you deal with on a level higher than others treat them.  If you follow through with them, they soon believe they are an important part of your career and they become part of your team.  Their contribution to  your team will be telling people about you because they are happy with you, and that will build future referrals.  You will be a champ in their eyes, and they are happy to entrust people they care about into your hands for their real estate needs.


Today’s world has lost some of the personal touches that were prevalent when I was a kid.  People aren’t quite as empathetic as they used to be, but I have high hopes that through your actions, you can attract people who trust you and who will be loyal to you.  Shame on all those web companies we contacted!  We are better off without them and we will eventually find someone who cares enough to want our business.  TEAM Hughes wants your business.  Whether it’s for pre licensing, post licensing, Florida or Alabama, we stand ready to help in all ways we can, so let us know you need us and we’ll be there for you!

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