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I've wondered about the trajectory that makes an event go viral.

When my niece got married it was very much a family affair.

People came in from far-flung locations to celebrate. The wedding was formal and was very much a small celebration of family and close friends.

The reception was held in Cedar Hills which has a breathtaking view of Utah Lake and the surrounding mountains.

As night fell the party got started. As is typical of a Utah reception, the groom shares a dance with his mother and the bride shares a dance with the father.

The daddy daughter dance went Bollywood quickly and finished with the guy next to me saying, "I hope someone puts that on youtube.

Someone did. 

It now has well over a million views. This video has shown up on Yahoo, Snapchat, Huffington Post, Newspaper sites in the UK, Africa, and Good Morning America is showing up to interview them tomorrow.

Enjoy, Cringe, Laugh, Cry, hate on it or whatever. The comments are all over the map, some saying very complementary things while others called it cringe worthy. When the haters show up you know you've accomplished something. I can say, this was very fun to witness in person.

So, here's the latest viral videos to enter your collective conscience.

It's my brother-in-law (not a shy guy) and his daughter taking the tradition for a Utah spin. (Trust me, this sort of stuff has a higher likelihood of happening here that any other place I've lived.)

Thanks to Bethany Petersen of BP Film & Photo whose website can be found here

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Sheila Anderson
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Good morning Chuck. I saw this video on GMA. I loved it. How wonderful to see happy things like this.

Nov 06, 2016 09:38 PM