Cambridge Tops MA Election List for Clinton, Also High on Marijuana

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Cambridge Tops MA Election List as #1 for Clinton, Also High on Marijuana

Top 5 Clinton 5 List in MetroWest Also Includes Brookline, Somerville, Boston, and Newton

BOSTON, MA – What’s the most liberal city or town in Greater Boston/MetroWest? If you guessed Cambridge, you’d be spot on. As with Obama in 2012, Cambridge tops a local list with the greatest percentage margin for the Democratic candidate in 2016 with 89.2% voting for Hilary Clinton versus Donald Trump. That’s even more than the 86.1% of Cambridge voters who voted for President Obama in 2012.

Cambridge ranked second in a summary of local rankings of election results by Jonathan Slater, President of Newton, MA-based Castles Luxury Properties, when it came to ballot Question #4 on legalizing marijuana where Somerville captured the top spot with 75.5% compared with 71.3% for Cambridge.

The rest of the top five in Slater’s MertoWest list of leading cities and towns voting for Clinton were: Brookline (84.9%); Somerville (84.6%); Boston (81.7%); and Newton (78.7%).

The “most conservative” town on Slater’s “MetroWest” list was Westwood with "only" 58.4% of voters supporting Clinton.

Throughout all of Massachusetts, Cambridge beat out Provincetown as most “pro-Clinton,” with 89.2% of the votes compared with Provincetown’s 88.1%, while the small town of Wendall, MA (located in the northwest part of the state near Greenfield) took the top spot on Question #4 with 79.2% voting “yes” compared with Provincetown’s 76.2%.

Most Conservative Statewide

Also, statewide, Mrs. Clinton received the lowest percentage of the vote in Tolland, MA (a small town located west of Springfield) with just 32.9% of the vote while Lynnfield, MA had the smallest percentage of “yes”  votes in the state on Question #4 with just 39.9%.

Overall, Clinton won Massachusetts with 60.8% of the vote and Question #4 carried by a more modest margin with a yes vote of 53.5%

MetroWest List/Results:

The total list of cities and towns included in Slater’s study and the actual percentage voting results are listed below, with the percentage voting for Clinton listed first and the Question #4 listed second:

City/Town (HRC%) / (Q#4%)

Cambridge 89.2% / 71.3%

Brookline 84.9% / 61.0%

Somerville 84.6% / 75.6%

Boston 81.7% / 62.4%

Newton 78.7% / 54.7%

Lincoln 77.7% / 53.3%

Lexington 77.1% / 47.3%

Concord 76.1% / 50.4%

Watertown 72.8% / 60.3%

Wayland 73.7% / 50.2%

Belmont 72.4% / 52.5%

Needham 72.3% / 45.3%

Wellesley 72.1% / 41.7%

Weston 67.9% /44.1%

Winchester 64.2% / 42.8%

Dedham 60.9% / 50.0%

Dover 59.5% / 43.5%

Westwood 58.4% /41.5%

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