A Checklist Will Remind You

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We recently heard a sermon in church that discussed “divine checklists,” which gave me an idea for this blog.  As the preacher went through the checklist of things God gave us to do, I began to relate the sermon to the practice of real estate.  Recalling the many times I would go on an appointment only to discover I had forgotten an important document or didn’t mention something I thought would be instrumental in the consumer choosing me to help them.  A checklist will remind you – if and when you use the checklist.


Life is a collection of checklists as far as I am concerned.  Our entire lives are made up of different priorities, a series of choices, decisions, paths in the road so to speak.  A checklist will remind you to travel a certain path, make a certain decision, say no to something or say yes to something.  In life, a checklist will remind you of your priorities.  In your career, a checklist will remind you what is important to you.  Are you doing what you want to do or are you doing what you must do?  It’s such a pleasure when the two are combined into one.


A checklist will remind you of the dreams and the goals you once had.  Checklists aren’t just for making sure the task is completed properly.  A checklist will take you back to another day when your aspirations were vivid and had not yet faded from view.  Now might be the time to review an old checklist or to prepare a new one.  It’s never too late in life to start crossing off things on the checklist.  A checklist will remind you of what’s important.


If you’ve dreamed of having a career in real estate, to fulfill that dream, you must begin somewhere.  Reviewing your checklist may remind you of that dream.  There’s never a better time than the present to pursue it.  We’re entering the holiday season, and sometimes giving yourself a gift of accomplishment is just what you need! 


I’ve often called TEAM Hughes Real Estate School a dream weaver since we help set people out on the course that, for them, is a dream.  So many of our students have wanted to sell real estate for a very long time and once they finish their course and get their license, they can scratch getting a license from their checklist and begin to live their dream.  If it were possible, TEAM Hughes would help everyone achieve his or her dream, but since we are one real estate school, we will help one student at a time.  When that student gets a real estate license, we are not only happy for him or her, we also celebrate his or her success in achieving one dream from their checklist.


If we can help you with your checklist, we sue would love that.  We’re now not only in Pensacola, but also Daphne, AL, and we’re looking to expand even further.  Let us know if we can help by contacting us.  We’re here for you.



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