A Time for Refreshing

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My father was a down-home Southerner who married during his Army military service.  He met my mother through one of his Army buddies.  She was an Italian from Boston, and though I’ve never understood the match, they were married almost 50 years before passing on.  During my childhood, I was between both worlds, finally ending up in Florida during high school years.  I tell you this because as you read this blog, Bob and I are on our way to Maine.


Thanksgiving is a great time for eating lots of food and being with family and friends.  My family is scattered throughout the country and my oldest daughter lives in Maine.  We have never had the pleasure of being with her for major holidays, so last spring we booked tickets well in advance so we could not change our minds.  This Thanksgiving holiday will be a time for refreshing.  Little did we know when we booked the vacation, that we would desperately need a time for refreshing, but throughout our lives, God has seen fit to provide for us when we didn’t know we would need a provision.


TEAM Hughes Real Estate School doesn’t run itself.  I am the Administrator and one of the instructors.  Bob stays on top of the blogs and the website, as well as teach.  This is not your typical Mom and Pop business even though we are family owned and operated.  TEAM Hughes is always busy with students, curriculum and honing its ideologies.  We often find ourselves pulling back reigns so that the school doesn’t get away from us.  We presently have several people studying for their instructor license so that Bob and I can step back a little and let some other people get involved.


For right now, though, we continue doing what we love and before letting it burn us out, we head for a refuge where not only precious family will spend time with us, but some of our dearest friends in the world await our arrival.  That is how I define refreshing!


In your business that can be so hectic, I hope you take a time for refreshing.  Don’t let your practice of real estate dictate your entire life!  You must find a time for refreshing.  I don’t know how you find rest or joy, but be good to yourself.  Find them and put them together.


A time for refreshing is crucial to success.  A wise entrepreneur will know when to take a breather and how far to go before reaching a burnout.  That’s one thing age has on youth.  We know when to quit while we’re ahead.  A couple weeks of R&R and we get back on the horse and rule our business!  Find your time for refreshing, take advantage of it and then get back to business!  TEAM Hughes Real Estate School will be here waiting for your return.  Let us know when you need us and have a great Thanksgiving y’all!


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Lise Howe
Keller Williams Capital Properties - Washington, DC
Assoc. Broker in DC, MD, VA and attorney in DC

Have a wonderful trip to Maine- I am so happy that my daughter is back in DC and I will get to have her home for Thanksgiving and Christmas! 

Nov 20, 2016 08:51 PM
Carrie Hughes
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School - Pensacola, FL
REI and Lic. RE Broker

Thank you, Lise!  I'm a bit jealous that you have your daughter nearby, but I'll overlook it since I'm heading to Maine!  Have great holidays!

Nov 20, 2016 09:20 PM