Service of others

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Open Sky Real Estate

I feel we provide good service and do what we are supposed to do so when I go to another company I expect the same service.  Recently we opened a real estate company and have been buying quite a bit of items and asking for service from others. 

 It is a shame that most all the purchases we have made rather they be $10,000 or $10 the service is just not there.  This makes me check myself with what I do.  I have thought about some items that maybe I do not do as well as I should therefore I am implementing several things to improve my service.

We all should look at what we do and see where we neglect to provide the service our clients deserve.  If we can not improve the service then we need to find someone that can do it for us.

If you do something that stands out in your service please provide me some good ideas.  I will start first.

I answer my emails within minutes and not days.  I get complimented on this all the time.  I just sold a home to a client and two weeks after it was under contract they were sitting in my office when an agent called them back.  He told them that he had already made an offer, completed the home inspection and was glad they met me when they did.  Yes, I replied to their email within 10 minutes and closed the sale.

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