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This year we saw the lies come out in the political campaign, and we really saw for what worth our Media is that covers so many lies to make profit.  When you compare the information about your credit on the internet or even in person, your going to encounter many lies and much uneducated mis-information.

Here are a few of those myths.

1. Fix the credit report yourself

This is a common myth and it is harmful misinformation. Your credit report is protected by over 250 laws and regulations, that you may or not know about. When you have a legal issue, you hire an attorney. It should be the same for your credit report! You should hire a professional or seek advice from a educated professional (in credit scores / reports / laws) to help you. If you do something wrong, the bureaus give you one chance to get it right, and you and a professional service may not be able to help you.


2. Talk to or settle with the collection agency

This is the worse mistake.  Many times the agency does not even have the legal right to contact you or see your credit file. Once you agree you already harmed your credit worse, and when you pay (or don't) pay them it will harm your credit even worse.  There are simple things to do, and our expertise will definately help you.


3. Fix the errors on your credit report first then start applying for new credit

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!  This approach will hurt your score even more in 1 - 3 ways.  First as you start removing your errors / illegal items on your credit report, your score can start to drop because you don't have sufficient credit to maintain the score you had. It is better to add the security of good credit first and build of the score you had.  Second, your score could drop to zero / no score. We have seen this before with the stubborn people who want to do it "their way."  Then you are like a highschool student starting all over trying to obtain credit, if you can.  Third  adding new credit after you fix the illegal stuff and errors / mis-information on your credit report, the bureaus will see that you are attempting to get in trouble all over again, and lower your score.


What is the right thing to do?

Great question!  Get that good credit first 1 or 2 of our tradelines / credit programs will work.  If you meet the FDIC bank's requirements, then get our Platinum line.  If not you could get a secured card or a shopping club card to start. The platinum line has gotten people into the scores they need to get approved, in 15-30 days depending on when they ordered it - and when the bank reports the card to the bureaus.  


The most important thing is to get the right information at our websites: or 


Get started with our programs backed by the FDIC and get your credit rating boosted 

Don't wait around for it to get fixed by itself, that will never happen. 


Remember to service our large base of exisiting clients from partnered mortgage, real estate and banks we only answer questions via email for pre-sales support or questions.


After you get the credit programs, get started with our pay your debt down, this will help as you want to get exisitng credit cards paid down the quick and easy way. This will help the underwriters and the lending agencies get you approved quicker.


Wishing you the best success and don't forget to share your testimony with us We are confident you will get your score boosted, because a person that has stopped adding negatives to their credit report and gets started with us, always see credit score improvements. 



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Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573
Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker

I would not use as a lead in the negative of the campaign, media, etc to push improving credit scores and repair of a person's financial credibility. Credit is important to protect though!

Nov 16, 2016 07:24 PM