Is Potomac Shores in Dumfries Virginia Right For You?

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When Buying A Home, Where You Buy Is Just As Important As What You Buy!


I had a young couple call me a few weeks ago  after they read a few of my blog posts I had written about the new home community  Potomac Shores in Dumfries, Virginia.  They said they love where they are renting now they walk to everything. The  location has worked for them but the prices in that community are just not affordable if they want to buy. The homes are older and need work in their price range and that is not what they are dreaming about. As I spoke to them  they are looking  for more of a community feel when they buy a home. Their family was growing and they found their priorities changing.

After meeting with them and discussing their needs and wants I was able to show them how Potomac Shores might just be the community that could work for them. They said they had visited Potomac Shores several times over the past two years but just had not made the decision to buy.


Potomac Shores can be quite overwhelming and it is very  hard to learn everything you need to know in one or two visits without help.  I talked with them about which homes might fit their needs and helped them to understand option costs and lot choices. Even though they had visited several times they had a lot of misunderstandings on what prices actually were. I was able to share with them many points they did not know that made the community more affordable for them. Next it was time to talk about financing and floor plan options.


So how hard could that be you might be asking?


At Potomac Shores right now you have twenty four floor plans and three different builders to choose.  Plus we also have resale homes now coming on the market. Many of these are  floor plans the builders no longer offer so that adds even more choices for you the buyer. And pre-sales for another builder who will offer three additional upsale town homes with two car garages and the abilty to add a roof top terrace.


Base prices start as low as $390,000 all the way up to $800,000. That's a lot of houses even for a sales representative who sells the community daily. It is many times very hard for a sales representative  to answer your questions without a formal appointment. The reason being they need to ask some qualifying questions to help you determine which floor plan will be in your price point.  There is a lot that goes into building a home and it deserves time to discuss all the details.

To help frame your expectation when you see a base price of let's sale $490,990 expect to pay at least $530,000 plus for that home. Ehen you see a base price of $700,000 know that to make it they way you want you most likely will be looking at $825,000 or higher. So how do you know what to get pre-approved was their next question.

Most builders have their preferred lender and once we sit down with the sales representative on site they will do a pre-qualification to make sure they are not selling you a home you cannot afford.  

No one wants to crush someone's dream.

I come from a mindset of  I would rather disappoint you now then to let you down later. And I find that is what happens to many new homebuyers and why they stop mid way through the process. There is so much to learn to make an informed choice. If you rush the process and buy based on emotion or fear of loss you can feel buyers remorse or worse put yourself at risk of losing your deposit. Once you write you a contract you next go to meet the lender within seven days

Here is something to think about when buying a new home.  You Don't Know What You Don't Know, and in order to make an informed choice you just may need and want the guidance of a knowledgeable REALTOR. Once you sign in with at a  builder's office  you give up your right to representation for at least sixty days for that builder.  

I bet you did not know that am I right?


I always must ask what else do you not know?  Please if you have already been into the builder's office and have worked with one of the associates you have already given up your right to representation. It is really too late to ask a REALTOR to step in and help you. Call me if that is your situation and let's talk about your situation.

If you want or need help and agents help you may need to wait sixty days so that you can go back with an agent. I always ask why have you not been able to move forward ? The answer is typically in most cases the buyer is still feeling unsure or overwhelmed. Another reason is the data they find on line does not match up with what sales representatives on site are telling them.

Ask yourself do you know why new home community data is not easy to determine?

Deciding to buy is the easy part then comes the next five to six months of build time, the contract, selections appointments, color choices, mortgage application and of course the actual building of your home. It can be exciting, scary and frustrating. As one of my new home buyers recently said,"I don't think I would have made to the end without your help!" and another said "Thank you for talking me off the ledge several times in the process!"  As your buyer agent I can share others experiences and the data you need to make an informed decision and be there for those calls with questions when the new home sales representative is not available.


My callers became my clients and are now happily under contract to build a lovely home at Potomac Shores. They will need to adjust their commute to make the community work but in the end the neighborhood and all it has to offer was exactly what they had hoped to find. They also are excited about saying goodbye to renting and starting to shelter some of their income from taxes and build wealth. Having the assistance of a new home buyer specialist help them to fully research their options and feel comfortable knowing they had an advocate to be with them every step of the way. When they realized the builder paid my fees so I was free to them they said, "Why would we buy without help?"


Many times buyers are not saying No, they are saying I don't know!

Give me a call and let's talk about your option if you are dreaming of buying a home and just are not sure of the process. I am here to help I know Potomac Shores.


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I am a new home buyer specialist and it would be my honor to assist you in building your dream home. References upon request from Potomac Shores Home Owners or call or text me at 703-801-9367. Or click here to Contact Me Now


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