7 Questions Seniors Should Ask Any Real Estate Agent

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7 Questions seniors should ask any real estate agent

Buying or Selling Real Estate is Different for Seniors.

Questions and Tips to ensure that are working with a team of experts.

A little preparation will minimize your stress, prevent mistakes while saving you time and money.

  • 1. What makes you different?        Why should I trust my home (purchase or sale) to you?
    • Not every agent specializes in working with seniors.
    • What you are looking for in an expert,  is a person who can recognize and resolve problems before they affect you.
    • A person with a proven track record, a true professional with years of specialized experience in attending to any and all challenges that affect seniors in their housing needs, concerns and options.
    • If an agent works with seniors only from time to time, they are unlikely to be aware of all the specific senior related options, issues or concerns that may go well beyond buying or selling a home.
  • 2. How many seniors do you regularly work with? How satisfied are these seniors with your service?
    • You are looking for “proof” of true expertise and real customer satisfaction, not just evidence of attending a one day class, with a badge.
    • In addition you want to know that the agent is always active specifically with seniors, yet not too busy to either ignore you or pass you on to one of the “ junior team members”.
  • 3. How long will this process take? I’m nervous.
    • Your agent should explore/consult with you, your needs, your concerns, and any circumstances that are important to you, before suggesting the best way forward for you and  or your family.
    • There should not be any pressure, and you should be in control of the process, your agent/consultant is to offer balanced options and suggestions with your objectives as the agent’s priority.
    • Ask also about what Transition Management Resource the agent has available to your benefit.
  • 4. Will you give me time to have my family and/or lawyer review the paperwork?
    • There should not be any doubt that an agent should give you all the time, space and opportunity to ensure that you (and your loved ones or lawyer) are comfortable with all the important steps in your life.
    • Buying or selling a home is a team effort, your family, lawyer, and or other important people in your live likely will have a lot of to offer you to make any transition better for you.
    • A good agent would seek the opportunity to collaborate with all the members of your “dream team”.
  • 5. What do you know about my options for my future housing needs?
    • Aside from the obvious home buying options, your agent should be aware of and offer information about the many different specialized housing options for seniors.
    • These options should include “age in place” finances, various levels of care, downsizing, home adaptations, rental, leases, co-housing and any potential support available to you as a senior.
  • 6. I don’t know what to do, I’m so overwhelmed with all my “stuff”. How can you help me?
    • Your agent should be an important resource during this often stressful time, offering information or hands on assistance dealing with “your stuff”.
    • Great agents know that there is so much more to buying or selling a home than just the real estate parts.
    • Great agents have build their career in making the big transitions in people’s life easier, smoother and often more rewarding for their clients.
  • 7. What have I not thought of that I should ask you?
    • Again, you are looking for how their response and how you connect and relate to the agent you are considering to looking after possibly a life changing purchase or sale.
    • If you feel/sense that you are interviewing an agent who has his/her own wellbeing as the priority, are you going to be happy and well served?
    • Is the agent committed to you and your objectives? If so, you likely have found the right agent.
  • In summary
    • It is important to recognize that in busy real estate markets anyone with a real estate license can claim to be able to sell your home or assist you with buying.
    • The real difference to you will be the outcome of the purchase or sale.
    • There is much more to buying or selling a home for seniors, the property is just one piece of the puzzle, be sure to seek the assistance of real experts.
  • Who is Peter Pfann
    • Licensed REALTOR®, nominee, company owner, educator and small business consultant since 1986.
    • Focused on assisting seniors since 2006.
    • 4 Senior focused certifications (CPCA, Master ASA, SRES & CCREC).
    • Member of The Esquimalt Lions, EFCN, Esquimalt Senior Coalition, & Elder Friendly Committee.


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Peter Pfann @ Fair Realty Victoria, BC, Canada. Pfanntastic Properties in Victoria, Since 1986.  These are very good questions seniors ask to any real estate agent.

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