Coaching is the Universal Language of Real Estate

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Coaching is the Universal Language of Real Estate

By Greg Goddard

What in the world does a basketball coach know about being a realtor? On the surface, maybe the two seem like foreign concepts.  Maybe one has nothing to do with the other.  On the other hand, when you look just a little bit deeper, you see how developing, guiding, encouraging, supporting, protecting, and leading athletes are all very much like the qualities that you are looking for in a realtor.  What is the definition of a coach?  A coach is a servant-leader; a coach is an expert in his or her field.  A coach should be able to educate and develop through the process of a season. A coach should be able to maintain composure and respect for the game throughout the difficult times and make necessary adjustments to be successful.  A coach should put the interests and goals of his or her players in front of personal awards or acknowledgments.  A coach should understand that it is NOT his or her team, but that the team belongs to the players, the coach is leading and guiding, and putting those players in the best possible situation to be successful. A coach is mindful of the details and pays attention to even the little things.

So, what do you want in a realtor? Do you want someone who is going to work as a servant leader?  Check. Do you want an expert who can clearly deliver his or her knowledge? Check. Do you want a realtor who can calm the waters of a difficult transaction and adjust to deliver the desired results? Absolutely. Do you want a realtor who is going to represent what is best for YOU regardless of how it effects an earned commission? I think that’s a great big “YES”. You want someone who has a focus on the details like closing costs, sewer scopes, contract deadlines, and earnest money. The great John Wooden, championship coach of the last true men’s basketball dynasty at UCLA, once said “It’s the little things that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

Here are a few other qualities that a great coach and a great realtor have in common:

  •          Great coaches prepare.  They scout, they research, they break down film, they dig and dig and dig until they find something that will give their team the best chance to win.  Great realtors know neighborhoods, they know the market, they research the area and what the market is doing currently. 
  •          Great coaches build relationships that last.  They connect with their players, invest in their players, and their players know that a good coach truly cares about them.  Great realtors do the same thing.  A great realtor will connect with his or her clients.  They understand that their business is driven by building and cultivating relationships with people.
  •          Great coaches have standards, expectations, and are accountable.  They have a bar that is set to be exceeded, they have a vision of what they want and how to get there, and they hold themselves and their athletes accountable.  A great realtor knows that no transaction is worth his or her reputation and he or she will work on behalf of the clients to reach a win-win transaction.
  •          Great coaches know how to compete.  Your realtor should also be willing to compete and work towards winning on your behalf.

One of the greatest qualities that a coach and realtor have in common is being a servant leader.  Both positions require that even though he or she is “leading,” the willingness to serve should be first.  Coaches and realtors should always put the well-being and the success of their players and clients ahead of their own.  If you are starting your real estate journey and need a great coach, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or the Colorado Dream House Team for your real estate needs.

Greg Goddard is a Broker Associate with the Colorado Dream House Team, Keller Williams Realty DTC. Contact the Colorado Dream House Team at 720-446-6325,, or

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