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Just released!  Episodes 3 and 4 of Tristan and his WHITEBOARD...

  Tristan and his WHITEBOARD How to buy a house

How Do you Buy A Home?

You've probably heard scare stories and stress, stress, stress.  Conquer that stress by coming along with me on Tristan and his WHITEBOARD!

This week, in episode 3, we break down the rapid city home buying process into pieces and give you the quick overview.  We'll go over each stage in detail, but let's talk about where we are going first.

In episode 4, we discuss the importance of having an actual sit down with me (or your favorite REALTOR) BEFORE you go looking at homes.  I know - you're excited and wanna see stuff.  But things go a heapin' lot better when you understand how things roll and know you are comfortable with your agent.

Never fear!  I'll buy the coffee!

Definitely worth the watch:

After you get done watching 3 and 4 - don't forget to go backwards and watch 1 and 2 if you haven't already.

Mo' knowledge = Mo' betterness!

See you at the WHITEBOARD!!

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