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We love real estate at Allison James Estates and HomesWe love real estate for many reasons, including that it is one of the most important components of the U.S. economy, and is one of the major contributors to building individual wealth. Real estate also hits the heart, helping families discover “home”, and providing millions of Americans with jobs – up and down the line.  But another aspect we embrace with regards to the real estate industry is the opportunities that exist within the layers the real estate stack. That’s why two of our favorite agents are Anthony Ferrara and Laurel Reyes, land specialists and two of Allison James Estates and Homes biggest fans. Anthony focuses on the sales side of raw land throughout Florida’s Lee, Charlotte, Sarasota, Collier and Citrus counties.  Laurel is a focused expert on land acquisitions and buyer representation.

What Sets Anthony Apart?

As the sales manager for Sharp Landing LLCAnthony navigates a very unique set of strategies and tactics than most single-family real estate agents do. With literally hundreds of thousands of potential sellers of Florida land across the globe, Anthony must first and foremost be an expert at detective work, sorting through more than 16,000 leads and tax rolls on a daily basis. Once he is able to schedule an appointment with a potential seller, he then reviews the property and assesses the value in order to maximize the sales price. Antony is also a former general contractor, and uses this ability to understand construction as a tool to help his clients sell their land. One of the ways he does this is by quickly mastering the type of property being listed, including potential for development, its location and market conditions. However, Anthony is not a high-pressure sales person. Instead he relies on his ability to genuinely connect with sellers, making them feel confident he is representing their asset in the brightest light known to business: truth.

“I’m not a salesperson and that’s what really sets me apart from the other people selling land in Florida. I tell the truth and don’t promise my clients the moon and stars. I make people feel very comfortable when they work with me and they really like that approach,” said Anthony.

What Sets Laurel Apart?

As the managing partner for Sharp Landing LLCLaurel represents investors who are interested in purchasing raw land. This can be tricky business, and her ability to “size-up” her clients is a critical talent that makes Laurel so successful. After all, there is a big difference between an individual looking for a lot on which to build a new home, a contractor looking to develop spec property for a client, or an investor/developer looking for that first piece of his or her next large development project. Laurel must quickly determine if her buyer falls into neither of these profiles or a hybrid of all of them.

Laurel can negotiate sales on land tracts that already have plumbing and sewers, or she can create a vision for a piece of rural acreage or small land parcel available in an up-and-coming suburban neighborhood. On a daily basis, Laurel sorts through realtor records, tax roles, and more than 30,000 leads. She corresponds with hundreds of potential buyers that can be located in Kansas or Kuwait.

“The real key to my business success is my work ethic. I tell people it is all work and no play. Sometimes I write 20-30 offers a day,” said Laurel.

Together Anthony and Laurel are an amazing team of real estate professionals who are awesome at analyzing the potential value of raw land for an investor or developer. Clients absolutely love working with both Anthony and Laurel as evidenced the more than 1,500 transactions the two have closed in the past year.

You guys are awesome! Keep up the great work!

So Why Did You Decide To Join Allison James Estates and Homes?

Laurel: I really discovered Allison James Estates and Homes through Jessica. She got me so into the whole idea of the company, their marketing tools and complete support. Everything I know regarding cutting-edge marketing strategies I learned from Jessica and Allison James. Now I am always referring people to the company because I am really impressed at everything they do.

Anthony: I was also introduced to Allison James Estates and Homes through Jessica. She introduced me to the company and really impressed me with her positivity and creativity. That was five years ago, and I am still very impressed with the company.

What Do You Love Most About Allison James Estates and Homes?

Laurel: For me the marketing component has been so valuable for me. I have picked up so many really sophisticated marketing strategies through Allison James Estates and Homes University and their technology articles. Just take a look at one of the real estate apps they use, and try it. They will even teach you how to use it for free and they really, really work!

Anthony: It’s hard for me to tell you just one thing. There are so many resources and support systems here. I don’t take advantage of everything because I feel content in what I know and I have a good handle on what my clients want. But if I ever have a question, there is always someone there to answer it for me.

About Allison James Estates and Homes:

Founded in 2008, Allison James Estates and Homes (AJI) is ranked one of the top 20 real estate brokerage firms in the nation that uses a new business model based on cutting edge technology and remote agent representation. Every Allison James agent keeps 100 percent of their sales commission in exchange for a flat monthly fee. Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, Allison James employs more than 1200 licensed real estate agents in 16 statesSince it founding, Allison James has experienced exponential year-over-year growth in both velocity and volume. In 2015, Allison James posted 9,600 completed real estate transactions valued at $2.8 billion.

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