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Is That Really A Bedroom?

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It seems kind of silly to have to ask the question, "is that a bedroom?" when you see what obviously looks like one. Our friend, you might just be surprised that what you see might NOT be a bedroom according to legal description. Perhaps you've used a room in your house, deemed "the extra bedroom" as an office, or playroom for the kids, but it eventually morphs back to being a bedroom. But is it a 'legal' bedroom? Could you really list it as a bedroom if you're selling your home?

As a quick reference point, below are some of the items that may be required by your state to meet the requirement of a 'legal' bedroom: 
  • Minimum square footage. This can vary state to state, but 70 to 80 sqare feet is generally an   acceptable minimum square footage for bedroom.
  • Minimum horizontal footage: A bedroom must measure at least 7 feet in any horizontal direction.
  • Two means of egress: There have to be two ways out of a bedroom. Traditionally, these would be a door and a window. Ekroth adds that in most markets, a skylight would also qualify as that means of egress.
  • Minimum ceiling height: At least half of the bedroom ceiling has to be at least 7 feet tall.
  • Minimum window size: The window opening must be a minimum size, usually 5.7 square feet.
  • A heating and cooling element: We’re talking a heater (a space heater won’t qualify) as well as a way to cool it down, whether that’s by opening a window or good old AC.
Oh, and contrary to popular belief, a bedroom doesn't have to have a closet. 

If the room you're calling a bedroom doesn't meet these requirements, then it's better purposed as that home office or playroom. 
Want to know what the state of Tennessee requires in the way of a legal bedroom? Give us a call and let us sit down and share some of our expertise with you. We're in the office at (423) 433-6517, and are in The Shields Team office inside Keller Williams Realty, 1033 Hamilton Place in Johnson City. Let us give you peace of mind!
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