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Bridgewater Development Plan Parts 2 + 4 Approved 

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Coralville City Council Meeting November 22, 2016

Bridgewater Development PUD Site Plan Approved

Back in September I wrote about attending my first Council Meeting in Coralville as a resident specifically interested in the Bridgewater Development.Bridgewater Subdivision Coralville IA At the time, residents living on the access road put forward a strong case with regard to Part 4 of the Bridgewater Development. The site plan at the time involved putting 4 apartment buildings, each with 36 units in a neighborhood that otherwise only has single family homes. The residents also voiced their concerns about the amount of traffic that would be generated by multi-family housing in an environment that until now has been single family homes. Were their concerns heard? The answer to that question is probably yes and no.

The Developers came with a new site plan that they worked on with the City and it was approved. The good news, at least for my perspective is that the number of apartment buildings was reduced from 4 to 2 and those two buildings have been moved further back on the site to back up to the Interstate. This for me was a major improvement to the original site plan, as my house would have had a really good view of those 4 apartment complexes from my, (currently private and wooded), back yard. Will I still see the two apartment buildings they intend building closer to the Interstate? Maybe, but I'm hoping they will be far enough away to not bother me too much, plus they do offer a side benefit of being a buffer against the noise of the Interstate, which of course something to put on the plus side. Putting my Realtor hat on, I also think it's a good thing to have a housing development with a variety of homes at multiple price points to cater to more residents in the in community. 

Residents at the meeting were less pleased by the fact that despite the elimation of two apartment buildings, the total number of units to be built in the Bridgewater Subdivision was only reduced by 28. One of their biggest concerns is that the large number of homes will mean a significant increase in traffic for those residents living on the access road, (High Country Rd). It's also likely to impact traffic on Holiday Rd, between 12th Ave and 1st Ave. Whether or not the residents fears are well founded or not, is not something we'll know until much further down the line. The Bridgewater Development is a very large endeavor and will take years to develop. For now it seems prudent to accept that experts have done their due diligence with traffic analysis and trust that they know what they're doing.

If you live the Coralville area, especially along Holiday Rd, between 12th and 1st Ave you might want to check out the video of the council meeting online, or view the minutes of the agenda. You can find those on the City of Coralville website by following this link. Coralville continues to grow in leaps and bounds and the council meetings are extremely enlightening on how residents can be part of the process.


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