A New Week Ahead

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Well I'm back,

     So sorry for those of you who had money riding on me giving up over the weekend, still here.  I did have a few issues this weekend, mainly with Joanna's health.  On Friday night about 7PM she seemed to be out of it a bit, but I didn't pay any attention to her odd behavior until after she passed out and would not wake up.  We spent the better part of Friday night, and most of Saturday sitting in the Emergency room at Hoag in Newport Beach.  That was not fun.

     It appears that her issues with the endocrine system (that had been undercontrol for the past 9 months or so) are coming back, not good.  We have several appointments setup this week with her doctors to see if her medications can be adjusted to get this thing back undercontrol again, I hope so.

     She is resting well, and I'm sitting behind my computer acting like I'm working, but my head in just not in the game today, who knows, maybe later on I'll be able to focus a bit more, until then I'll see you all later.






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